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Sweet Details

Rustic wedding programs often use favorite details associated with this theme, such as these sweet wildflowers and wooden background. This one would be perfect for a wedding using lots of reclaimed wood, or those hosted in a converted barn.

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Swell & Grand 2
Photo: Swell & Grand

Heart & Arrow

Nothing is more quintessential to rustic romance than carving your intials into a tree. This sweet program features a heart and arrow monogram and a subtle woodgrain pattern around the border.

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Mason Jars

For rustic weddings, the Mason jar is definitely the most prolific detail, especially for those events in the South. If your wedding ceremony features lots of flowers hanging from tree branches, then you'll love the baby's breath bundled around the border of this program.

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wedding program with starry night cover
Photo: e.m.Papers

Starry Night

If your rustic wedding ceremony is under the stars, we can't think of a single program more appropriate than this one. If you have a design or image that you really love, create a folded program so that you can feature it on the cover, rather than squeeze it in with content.

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rustic wedding program with black font
Photo: 3 Eggs Design

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is such a classic rustic wedding detail. And this rustic wedding program puts it to good use as background against a stylized black font. If you want to add more texture, punch twine or ribbon through each program and tie a bow.

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Simple Flowers

For spring or summer rustic weddings, greet your guest with plenty of flowers. This darling illustration pairs feathers with pink blooms and fern greenery. This particular program is a trifold style, which is a fantastic option when you need to provide a lot of info, but want a compact size.

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Happy Little Trees

For a rustic wedding in the woods, these wedding programs are a natural fit. We love the simple silhouette of pine trees against the neutral background.

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Retro Rustic

Wedding trends are so much fun when popular themes collide! This rustic wedding program gets a retro spin with a stylized, weathered font and the addition of colorful floral illustrations.

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camping themed wedding program

Camping Chic

One of the hottest new trends for summer weddings has long been a rustic darling. Camping-themed weddings owe their popularity to their whimsical spirit and clever details. This wedding program was designed to resemble a scouting guidebook. Turn it into a favor by giving your guests a full notebook inside.

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In Lieu of Paper

If you would prefer to design a program sign rather than handing out a stack of individual rustic wedding programs, we think this rustic-chic option is an elegant alternative. Find a pretty piece of wood and use a white marker to create your own. If you don't love your handwriting, most local calligraphers could take on this project.

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rustic wedding program bag with favor inside
Photo: Mavora

Favor Bags

When you want to pass along the wedding favors before the ceremony, rather than at the reception, these program bags are a brilliant way to go. Wedding favors like bug repellant or sunscreen for are very handy to have early in the day. Your guests can grab them on the way to their seats in these rustic-themed bags.