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Map Cufflinks of Parents Home Towns
Photo: Bridal Guide

Map Cufflinks

Put a little piece of your family's heritage in the wedding with these custom map cufflinks. This detail is fashionable and sentimental.

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Choose A Meaningful Theme

Sentimental wedding details can come out in a meaningfully-themed wedding. This "You Are My Treasure" wedding, with treasure hunting details, encompasses this couple's special story! It's all in the details.

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Pre-Ceremony Love Letters

Write letters to one another to be opened before the ceremony and capture the moment with photos. This is such a sweet and intimate memory to look back on in your wedding album.

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Sentimental Backdrop

A backdrop that says exactly how you feel is the ultimate sweet wedding detail. This also looks adorable in photos!

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Unique Guest Book

There's nothing like a guest book you can put to use after the wedding. This bench guest book will make a great addition to your backyard after your big day is over! If you're looking for more guest book ideas, check out some of the most creative and fun ones we've found!

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Sweet Something Blue
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Something Blue

For your something blue, cut out a heart shape from one of your dad's old shirts and sew it on your dress. The inside always works as well if you're not wanting to do anything too drastic to your gown.

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Sweet Bouquet Details
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Sweet Bouquet Details

Did your mother preserve her wedding dress? If so, and you don't plan on wearing it, use a piece of fabric to wrap around your bouquet. This is one of the wedding details you can use to honor your parents!

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Custom Wedding Topper

Design your own wedding topper to show who you are as a couple. This sweet wedding detail will be uniquely yours.

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Brooch Necklace

Carry a piece of your important guests near to your heart with a necklace made of all your favorite ladies' brooches. This also makes a wonderful keepsake.

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Keepsake Vow Booklets

A booklet to keep your vows in is practical in the moment and a great addition to your scrapbook! Make it a tradition to add to your vows each anniversary!