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Fun with Hats

Give anyone a prop and point a camera in their direction and no doubt their inner child comes out, no matter what their age. We love the candid, fun feeling of this photo— their joy is radiating out of them!

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grandpa dancing in bow tie
Photo: Lauren Larsen

Grandpa Dancing

There's just something about cute grandpas in bow ties that we can't get enough of! Be sure to let your photog know you're looking for sweet moments with your older relatives like these in addition to all the snaps of the high jinks your friends are sure to get up to.

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Kiss on the Cheek

A little bit silly and all the way sweet, a wedding photo with a pose as cute as this one is a framer, for sure!

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Ring Bling

There's no one in the world who is more proud of you than your grandparents and capturing a candid moment like this proves it. Looking back on your wedding day photos years later, it's these sweet moments that'll make you melt.

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True Love

The only thing better than feeling the love between you and your fiance on your wedding day is seeing the love between your grandparents! There's nothing better than a sweet ceremony to remind long term couples just how much they care about each other.

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Inside Joke

If he can make you laugh— keep him. It's something our mothers told us and it's something that obviously rings true for these fun-loving grandparents!

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Elegance Defined

How chic are these two? When your grandparents are as stylish and dapper as this, you've got to get wedding photos of them in all their refined glory. Plus, that cute kiss makes our hearts flutter.

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Happy Smiles

Have you ever seen a more genuine grin in all your life? This well-dressed grandma is over-the-moon to see her grandchild marry the love of their life and doesn't care who knows it! And for this, we love her.

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Grandpa Smiles

While the traditional family portraits are so important, it's these less staged, more natural snaps that we love the most. The contentment and happiness is just bursting through the photo!

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grandparents dancing at wedding
Photo: Marci Curtis

Dance floor divas

These grandparents still got the moves on the dance floor and look like they're loving every second of it! What better way to remember them at your big day than smiling and laughing, mid-twirl?