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Crystal Clear

Choosing a clear tent gives the impression of dining and dancing in a greenhouse. It is stunning during the day with its glass effect but even more beautiful at night- with the lights gleaming right through the tent.

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Teepee Style

Bring some boho flavor to your wedding day with this teepee-inspired tent. Unique in its structure but perfect in its protection from the elements, this could be your cozy solution to a late summer wedding under the stars.

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fancy embellished wedding tent
Photo: Annie Parish

Work It

If you are worried that the tent won't look "polished" enough, it might be as easy as camouflaging a couple of technical elements. Wrap the load-bearing poles with wide ribbon or a sash and use them to add dimension as you hang décor from above.

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When in Doubt: Drape!

If you want to disguise your white tent, consider draping the fabric over the tent frame for a glamorous effect. If you are worried about the possibility of rain, pair this up with a clear tent and enjoy the feeling of having it all.

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Box them In

Create the feeling of enclosure and intimacy by creating a faux "tent" out of string lights. Now this is what dreams are made of.

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minimalist tent wedding with wooden accents
Photo: Megan Clouse

Minimalist Look

The clean and polished look of this tent wedding set up is simply gorgeous. Though very minimalist and simple in its construction, the high quality of the fabric and the central wooden pole don't need elaborate décor to look amazing.

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small wedding tent over dance floor
Photo: Josh Elliott

Hybrid Approach

Do you want to enjoy the celebrations directly under the night sky, but are worried about what would happen to the equipment and food in case it rained? There's nothing wrong with getting a smaller tent for the wedding essentials and the dance floor while setting up the tables under the open sky.

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exotic evening recepton tent wedding
Photo: Gypset Event

Exotic Style

Far from the sweet and rustic tent weddings stereotype, this exotic version of the outdoor reception can be used as inspiration for your "outlandish" ideas. It definitely sets the tone for the evening, no matter where this tent wedding actually is.

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The Power of Many

Instead of renting one huge tent, maybe consider getting one for the dance floor and supplementing it with individual umbrellas or smaller tents for the dining guests. It will create the effect of a delightful "village" full of happy, dancing people.

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Sweetheart Tent

I realize that all your guests won't fit in this bohemian seaside tent. That's because it's meant for two. There's just enough room for you and your new spouse, so skip the traditional sweetheart table for a tent of your own.