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Jay Caballero Photography
Photo: Jay Caballero Photography

Extraordinary Rose Petal Engagement Photos.

Engagement photo shoots are a great opportunity to get comfortable posing together as a couple. You will be doing lots of that on your wedding day. The photos can be used for save the date cards, family photo gifts or wedding table accents. Colorful rose petals are a simple way to turn your photo shoot into an extraordinary experience!

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Nikki Khan
Photo: Nikki Khan

Artistic Rose Petal Wedding Aisles

Designing unique wedding aisles or pathways is one of the most impactful ways that you can use flower petals at your wedding or event.Choose to create a colorful pattern or impressive ivory mounds; this is your opportunity to make your own statement at your ceremony or reception. Make your aisle style different from anything anyone else has ever seen. A lasting memory!! Freeze-dried petals are eco-friendly and non-staining, which make them ideal for any location. How many rose petals do you need for your wedding aisle? For light coverage you will need one cup of petals per square foot. Moderate coverage is 2 cups of petals per square foot. Heavy coverage requires 3-4 cups of petals per square foot. Lavish coverage uses 5-6 cups petals per square foot. 

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Beautiful Bridal Bouquets With Matching Rose Petals

Your bridal bouquet is a once in a lifetime accessory. It’s very important you make the most of it by complimenting your wedding dress. Choose to make your bouquet personal with the picture perfect flower, color and size.We love this pale peony bouquet, made with classics such as Sarah Bernhardt and Angel Cheeks flowers which are both fragrant, full and oh so fluffy. Be sure to choose flowers that are in season during your wedding date…this makes them the most affordable choices. Flyboy Naturals sells fresh-cut peonies every spring! They also offer stunning freeze-dried, eco-friendly peony petals which are ideal for tossing, table décor & creating swoon worthy wedding petal aisles.

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Paper Cones For Petal Tossing

Creative Paper Cones For Petal Tossing

Guests love to shower the bride and groom with flower petals after they say “I Do.” Petal cones are a simple do-it-yourself (DIY) project that any bride can create. Select a paper or vellum that is substantial in weight…one that you love!  You will just need a glue stick or double stick tape, a printer and a paper cutter. Design & print your cones and then simply fill them each with 3/4 - 1 cup of your favorite freeze-dried flower petals. Voila! The cones make a wonderful favor for your guest to take home. Flyboy Naturals also offers handmade cones that have flower seeds imbedded in the paper…so guests can plant the cones in their garden and watch wildflowers bloom every year.  A great reminder of the fun they had at your wedding!

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Fun Flower Girls And Bashful Ring Bearers

Fun Flower Girls And Bashful Ring Bearers

Couples debate about having a kid-free or kid-friendly wedding. Remember, children add fun, innocence, smiles and total joy to every celebration. There is really nothing like seeing something through the eyes of a child…filled with wonder and happiness. There is really no way of predicting whether or not they’ll actually make it down the aisle tossing your petals, but they promise to create a memorable experience for everyone. Some couples choose all one color petal to decorate the aisle & for the children to toss…however, a contrasting color of rose petal makes for fantastic “picture perfect” moments as well. We have recently seen Grandmother’s as the flower girls.
 Talk about adorable! They have the time of their lives! 

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I Do Wedding Petal Toss

I Do Wedding Petal Toss

After all the time spent preparing and planning your special day, you’ve finally said “I Do.”  It’s official! You walked down the aisle engaged and back down the aisle married. Now, it’s time to celebrate and to share your excitement and your love with your closest friends & family…a great way to start off your celebrations is with a photo-perfect rose petal toss!  What color and type of petal will you choose?

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Dramatic Petal Drop For First Dances

Dramatic Petal Drop For First Dances

The most important dance of the day…your first dance to your favorite love song will be a memory to last a lifetime…each time you hear it you will be transported back to your wedding day! As you look into each other’s eyes through each twirl, dip and spin you’ll feel the magic of this moment filled with bliss and so much love. We are thrilled when couples use eco-friendly, freeze-dried petals to create a dramatic effect on their first dance as a married couple. It’s one of our favorite things!

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 Embellishing The Cake Table With Rose Petals

Embellishing The Cake Table With Rose Petals

Floral elements surrounding your wedding cake can take it from safe and predictable to breathtakingly beautiful. A multi-tiered cake might not be high on your priority list for décor, but adding your bouquets and mounds of petals can go a long way to transform your cake table. Modern day couples are freezing the top tier of their cake for their one-year anniversary. Not only will the cake stand the test of time, but your freeze-dried petals will too. Talk about romantic…save some of your rose petals (store in a cool, dry place) and surprise your husband or wife by decorating your saved cake platter with them for a romantic first Anniversary.

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Rose Petal Reception Table Decor

Gorgeous Rose Petal Reception Table Decor

Roses, peonies and hydrangeas, oh my! Rose and Peony petals are the perfect companion for any unique wedding theme. Oh so romantic…from vintage or rustic chic to classic romance or a seaside celebration, we have the perfect flower petals in the color palette that you desire. Remember, your guests will be looking at your tables all night long and that’s why gorgeous guest tables are so important!

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Whimsical Petal Wedding Exits

Whimsical Petal Wedding Exits

Petals are an exit toss staple….much safer for the environment than sparklers and cleaner than bubbles! Freeze-dried petals are 100% eco-friendly, natural, biodegradable and non-staining. They are the preferred wedding toss material by most venues including Historical sites. Remember, your exit will be the last moment captured of you, the Newlyweds, on your special day….Make it whimsical, memorable & fun! When the celebration draws to a close, be sure your guests shower you with the petals of a rose.