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Berry Wreath

We think this one's 'berry' cute! Warm berry tones are already popular winter colors, why not incorporate the fruit itself?

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Simple with Rosemary

Sometimes simple is the way to go with your wedding seating cards. These rosemary escort cards are a festive addition to a minimalist wedding.

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Antique Chic

We feel we've been transported to the Victorian Era with this wedding. Not only are the gold detailed plates sending heirloom vibes, the simple calligraphy ribbons are a stunning turn-of-the-century addition.

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Charming Sleigh Bells

There's something about these sleigh bell escort cards that capture the magical charm of winter. This idea can also double as noise makers for your honeymoon send off.

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Winter Fruit

Fruit isn't just for the cake! Stunning winter fruits like pomegranates, cranberries, and figs can be incorporated into your seating cards. These edibles will add just the right pop of color.

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New Year Bubbly

Are you having a New Year wedding? The perfect way for your guests to find their seats might be with some celebratory champagne! We'll cheers to these winter wedding seating cards.

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Festive and Fun

If your wedding is around the holidays, get a little festive. Ornaments are a stunning and inexpensive way to spice up your wedding seating cards. Add them on a string a bright twinkly lights for an extra dose of winter spirit.

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Gold Painted Succulents

Succulents are a wedding hit right now, but they aren't limited to just spring and summer. Painting them gold gives them that chic winter look.

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Hit the Slopes

If you're a sporty couple that hits the slopes a couple times a year, these wedding seating cards just might be your perfect match. Finish off your winter wedding with this adorable detail.

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Tied with a Bow

'Tis the season! These gift box seating cards are not only adorable, they also double as something to put your wedding favor in.