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About Time

A lovely touch to a vintage affair, this pocket watch ring bearer box is an elegant way to present the rings at the altar. However, there's no clock inside to keep time for your marriage. We all know that this love is forever.

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Shine Through

Give your own personal touch to your ring box without overdoing it. This simple acrylic box gives you a chance to fill the bottom portion with whatever you'd like, whether little mementos, a picture, or pretty greenery. Both of your rings will sit nicely on top with a monogrammed cover to keep it all secure.

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Easy Access

Are you picturing too much fumbling with a ring bearer box when you're up for all eyes to see? Forget the clasps, the tight walls, and instead adopt the open bowl approach. This beautiful one can later be used on an everyday basis as a ring dish.

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geometric glass ring bearer wedding box with white flower and mini wreath
Photo: Serious Aloe

Geometric Glass

These geometric glass boxes have been making waves in the design world, and here's just another example of their versatility and beauty. Line your box with some greenery, a tiny silk cushion, or sand and place your rings on top.

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A Pillow of Green

Succulents have been used in bouquets, centerpieces, as favors, and even as motifs for invitations. However, this trendy plant is given another role in this unique ring bearer pillow covered entirely in moss and these little cuties.

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Fairy Tale Love

It's time to write your own fairy tale, and this hollowed out book is wonderful way to bring the wedding rings (a symbol of commitment and love) up the aisle.

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The Great Gatsby

This Art Deco box is the ideal addition to a Great Gatsby-inspired wedding. We can already picture the vintage rings resting in this ring bearer box, a wonderful keepsake for later.

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Wood You Take this Ring?

Yes, the pun was intended but this disc of wood is a rustic bride's dream come true. Simple, natural, and organic, it's a cute way to present the rings at a forest wedding.

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Everlasting Love

Wreaths are symbols of eternity as there is no beginning nor end. What better setting for your wedding bands which are also a promise of everlasting love?

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Man's Best Friend

Don't just bring your furry friend to the wedding, but give him a role in the ceremony! There are many ways to attach a ring pillow to a collar and have your pet deliver the hardware up the aisle. Just make sure the rings are double knotted, you wouldn't want to blame Rufus for losing them!

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Beachy Keen

Tie your environment into your choice for the ring bearer box for a memorable picture that represents the day in just one shot. Here, a shell is the perfect choice for a couple tying the knot at the beach.