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Play Area

If you haven't decided whether to have an age limit on your invites, you may want to take a look at our wedding etiquette article, but if little ones will be in attendance read on for some kid-friendly inspiration. A floor play area can give the munchkins a getaway from all the adult talk and their parents a much needed rest. Lay down some mats that match your wedding decor and add some toys or books.

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Kids treasure hunt game
Photo: Josh Elliott

Treasure Hunt

Search no further, a scavenger hunt filled with items that match your special day's theme is the perfect way to keep children occupied. This adorable treasure hunt idea comes from an elegant "You Are My Treasure" themed wedding in California. An idea this charming is definitely a gem!

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comfy pillow seating for the kids' table
Photo: Josh Elliott

Comfy Pillow Seating

Fidgety little ones rarely want to sit still in their chairs. Give the kids a comfy place to hang out. This pillowed seating area has a variety of pretty fabrics that make this table kid-proof and chic.

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Printable Coloring Sheets

A personalized printable is an easy way to make the kids' table the fun table! It's simple to make your own personalized design or you can print some out here.

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Do It Yourself Bubble Wands For The Kids
Photo: Abby Larson

DIY Bubble Wands

Bubbles are a wedding staple. These fun DIY bubble wands are simple to make and the little ones will have a blast with them. They're sure to make any wedding poppin'!

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Coloring Supplies

Crayons are your wedding's best friend. Plop some coloring supplies into mason jars (or any decorated container that goes well with your theme).

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A Fun Craft For The Kids At The Reception
Photo: Kristyn Hogan

A Fun Craft

An arts and crafts project is a great way to keep the kids from getting fussy and will allow their parents to have some fun! It can also make for a great memento to remember the wedding.

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I Spy Kids' Wedding Game
Photo: Kelly Brown

A Game Of I Spy

Turn the reception into a game with a few rounds of "I-Spy." Add a disposable camera so each kid can capture some important moments.

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Travel-Sized Games For Reception
Photo: Trent Bailey

Travel-Sized Games

It's all fun and games until the kiddos get bored and fussy. These travel-sized games won't take up too much table space, but they will take up some time for your younger guests. Throw them in a decorated box for a playful centerpiece.

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Kids Only Tent For Reception
Photo: Erica Beckman

Kids Only Tent

Not only is this tent idea a perfect getaway for the kids, it's an adorable addition to any boho wedding. Place some pretty mats and pillows to liven up some of your wedding decor!

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Lunch Boxes

We all know that the little ones can be picky eaters. Place some lunch boxes that match your theme at the kids' table to keep the youngsters full and happy!

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A Mad Libs Game

You can create your own mad libs sheet for the kids, or for everyone on your guest list. This silly game is fun for all ages! Maybe you'll have some guests share theirs at the reception for a good laugh!

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Butcher Paper Table Cloth

Ditch the fancy tablecloth for the kids' table and throw down some butcher paper. It's safe for spills and fun to color on. You can also draw personalized place mats for each child!