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Watercolor Invitations

These summer-berry-stained watercolor invites are the perfect accompaniment to a backyard wedding. They're fun and casual but still have an artistic, elevated edge.

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Fan Program

When it comes to summer weddings, one thing is for certain— it's going to be hot. To help your guests keep cool during your ceremony, try putting your program on a Popsicle stick. It's whimsical, cute and totally helpful.

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Semi-Naked Summer Cake

The semi-naked cake trend is taking off in a big way. Get on board, summer-style, by using big, colorful blooms to decorate. It feels fresh, relaxed and fun — just what you want summer to be.

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Potted Herb Favors

It's all about fresh ingredients when it comes to summertime cooking. So why not gift your friends and family mini potted herbs as your summer wedding favor? They look lovely displayed together and are totally practical for your guests!

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Summer Bridal Bouquet

Deep colors and drama can totally work for a summer wedding. Just be sure to choose in-season blooms, like these dahlias, to make it work for the warm weather vibe.

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Popsicle Cart

Help your guests cool off with a sweet treat; a popsicle bar or cart stationed at your reception is such a fun idea! It'll help the kiddos feel like they're a part of the fun and let the adults feel like they're kids again. Win win!

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Lemon Centerpiece

Juicy citrus just screams summertime. For a unique take on a summer centerpiece, slice some lemons to add to a clear jar and top it off with some fluffy white blossoms. It's fresh, summery and super affordable!

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Bright modern flower crown for the bride
Photo: Kis For Kani

Flower Crown

If you'd like to sprinkle your summer wedding with a dash of bohemian spirit, a flower crown is a chic way to go. You can make it as dramatic or simple as you'd like just by adjusting the size of the flowers you use.

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Colorful Pennant Garland

Add some beautiful bursts of color to your summer ceremony with strings of bright pennant garlands. They're an easy and fun DIY that offers major impact for minimal effort.

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Golden Paper Lantern Lighting

The only thing better than sunny summer days is sultry summer nights. Get that romantic vibe going during your reception with a spray of simple paper lanterns strung across the dance floor. Plus, the golden light will make everyone's selfies look flawless.