slate monogram over lodge fireplace at wedding

Unlike some ubiquitous wedding details, monograms are especially symbolic and significant. After all, this entire event is about the two of you joining your lives together, so giving your united initials a central location at your wedding makes perfect sense. Today, we do monograms in a variety of ways because it's no longer assumed that the bride will adopt a new last name. Especially if that's the case, opt to go with both of your first name initials. Here are 20 creative ways to let your monogram shine!

Rustic Weddings

For a lodge-chic affair, opt for a stylish monogram over the fireplace.  The one above has a slate finish and can be used on the couple's own mantel after the big day.

If your rustic event is taking place at a ranch or farm, embrace the rural vibe with a distressed monogram paired with simple flowers and displayed on bales of hay (below).

barn wedding monogram on bales of hay

Vintage Inspiration

When your wedding is a modern interpretation of pretty vintage, use bold block letters in your color palettes and affix to a blank wall. We love how these initials blend with the handkerchief bunting and Swiss dot table cloth.

pink and gold monogram hanging on wall

If you love more traditional vintage, use faded bunting and place your monogram within the design (below).

burlap bunting at wedding with monogram hanging over patio

Natural Elements

Greenery and flowers are already going to be such a large part of your decor, why not extend the trend to your monogram?  Below, these mossy initials greet guests as they arrive at a stately reception venue.

moss monogram hanging on venue doors

Depending on your wedding's flowers, have your monogram blend in seamlessly with roses or succulents.

pink and white rose wedding monogram leaning against hedge
wooden monogram planter with succulents

Your Names in Lights

Marquee lighting is so popular for all wedding themes, but this detail really stands out in an industrial space like the loft below.

marquee monogram lighting in industrial loft wedding venue


Is your wedding basically going to be one big gallery showing of all of your crafty talents?  Then you will love this easy monogram project using tattered fabric (below).

fabric wrapped monogram at DIY wedding

Those brides with metallic palettes will love to decorate their monogram with shiny sequins (this is also an easy project if you are hosting a bridal shower).  Handy with a sewing machine?  Then get to work on creating a monogram quilt (or ask your mama) that you can hang in the entryway to your venue and then in your living room for years to come.

wedding monogram covered with gold sequins and coral colored flower
modern monogram quilt

Beer or Wine?

If you are a couple that has spent more time laboring over the bar menu than centerpiece options, these monograms are for you!

Microbrew fans will go gaga over these bottlecap initials painted in their wedding colors (spray paint is the best invention ever).  For a distressed look, use sandpaper lightly over the caps once the paint has dried, which will allow the metal to shine through.

spraypainted beer bottlecap wedding monogram

Of course, wine fans love their corks. You know that bucket of corks that you've been saving, but had no idea for what?  You've found your answer!

wedding monogram made out of wine corks

Monogram Guest Book

Place a monogram out and have your guests sign it. Later, put it in the back of a shadowbox frame with other wedding memorabilia for a sentimental wall display.

mint colored guest book monogram

Autumn is Almost Here!

Fall brides, we love you to Reece's Pieces. Fall is one of our very favorite wedding seasons around here, so we were stoked when we saw these monogrammed white pumpkins.  Bring on the cool weather and hot cider!

white pumpkins with black monograms

Where People Congregate

If you're going to go to all the trouble to put your monogram on something, you should pick a place that people will naturally congregate.  At a lawn wedding, put your monogram on a game board that you can continue to use each summer (below).

It should come as no surprise to you that 89% of your guests are there for the cake (okay, we're making this up, but still...). Find a topper that coordinates well with your cake, such as this heart and arrow combo paired with woodgrain-painted fondant.

Clay Austin copy
rustic arrow monogram cake topper

One thing that always gets photographed is the ring.  Have your ring bearer carry it down the aisle in a monogrammed ring bowl (below).

ceramic ring bowl with heart monogram

With a Sweet Goodbye

Send your guests off with a token of your gratitude for attending, and your monogram. If you are giving away jars of jam or honey, seal them with monogrammed stickers.

jam wedding favor sealed with monogrammed label

And who doesn't love a sugar cookie?  We're big fans of the idea of handing your guests a sweet treat to munch in the car on the way home (hey, all that dancing burns a lot of calories).

monogrammed heart sugar cookie as wedding favor

How will you show off your monogram?

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