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Passed Popsicles

How genius is this? Not only do we love the idea of passed popsicles, serving them in individual containers means that guests aren't left with sugary syrup dripping down their wrists while they mingle. The only thing we'd change is the color: swap lightly hued lemonade pops for the bright red to minimize staining mishaps.

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DIY Wedding Fans

Let your ceremony programs pull double duty by simply attaching them to a stick and turning them into a fan! You'll save money, your guests will stay cool, and your ceremony will go off without a hitch.

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Pre-Ceremony Drink Station

When it comes to staying cool, staying hydrated is the most important thing. Let your guests get their fill of ice cold bevvies with a drink station set up near your ceremony site. The iced coffee is one of our favorite summer wedding ideas— it's sure to keep your guests on the dance floor all night (and if you look closely, they even left out a bottle of vanilla syrup for those guests with a sweet tooth!).

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Misters for the Mr. and Mrs.

Rent a couple of mobile misting machines to place strategically around your reception site; your guests will be especially appreciative of the refreshing respite after a few rounds on the dance floor!

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Shaded Ceremony Cool

Use Mother Nature's bounty to your advantage; if your ceremony is outside, try and find a shaded spot that will put both you and your guests in some serious shade. Not only will you stay cool but the setting will make for some stunning photographs.

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Floral Ice Cubes

It's pretty hard to jazz up ice water but these floral ice cubes definitely do the trick. Fill simple glass pitchers with water and these pretty cubes to set on your reception tables and let guests help themselves to stay hydrated.

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bamboo folding ans
Photo: Bon Fortune

Folding Fans

Stock up on simple folding fans and place one on each of your chairs before the ceremony, so your guests can cool off easily. They're inexpensive and look pretty in photos, so it's a total win-win for you and your guests!

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Sunscreen Saver

Ok, so sunscreen may not technically cool off your guests, but it will save them from an unwanted sunburn on the flight home from the wedding! Keeping a couple bottles in a cute bucket like this one is such a thoughtful (and safe!) idea, especially since many guests will probably forget to apply before they leave their hotel rooms.

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ice cream cart
Photo: Petey Bird

Ice Cream Sandwich Truck

What's better than having ice cream sandwiches at your wedding? Having an ice cream sandwich cart at your wedding! It's cute, fun and will delight all ages.