Naming your tables is one of those hidden places where you can tie together your wedding theme and really let your personality shine (who knew directing your guests to their tables could be so much fun?). Rather than relying on your standard table numbers, though, what about using a set of prints or small posters around a set theme? It's a creative way to set the mood, plus they'll look great on your wall after the Big Day.

Wedding table poster and print ideas to use to guide guests to their table.
1. Dutch Door Press has a line of prints that feature Birds and Blooms from the 50 states that would be perfect for couples who have special connections to a variety of states. Plus, pinning down the different birds and flowers for each state will give your guests something to chat about.

2. Way into books? Postertext has a series of small posters that feature classics like Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, and The Great Gatsby, all created by using the entire text of the book.

3. Seattle Show Posters' I love you because print is way more than just another poster. It comes framed with a dry-erase marker so you can write on the glass your different reasons for loving. Wouldn't this be the most romantic table name? You could even select some of your vows to fill in the blanks...

4. If you're a movie buff, you are going to absolutely die for Claudia Varosio's line of movie posters. They each feature one key element from the movie (so you can separate the true buffs from the weekend popcorn folks); plus, she has a "Spinal Tap" poster, which will keep several of the grooms out there happy.

5. Ecceprints line of eye chart prints all feature different takes on love - You are the peanut butter to my jelly, the ketchup to my fries, milk to my cookies - you get the idea. How cute would it be tell your guests they were sitting at the peanut butter and jelly table? Love it!