Glossy shell on the sand with a blue sky and ocean water in the distance.

Planning a beach wedding has its perks: the sand between your toes, the sunset reflecting off the water, and lots of natural beauty. However, while a beach wedding may be beautiful, there are some practical differences between it and a mainland marriage. For instance, unpredictable weather can supply a scorching heat index or a spontaneous rainstorm just in time to eradicate your hopes of a perfect seaside soiree.

So how can you make sure that your beach wedding goes off without a hitch? It is important when planning a beach wedding that you let the favors play an important role in your guests' experience. Sand in the stilettos isn't fun, and a hot day without protection can cause Auntie Ann's forehead to burn just in time for photographs. With traditional weddings, favors tend to be throw-away items. With a beach wedding, couples need to be intentional about the details to ensure that their beach-side affair is as sunny as they want it to be.

Flip-Flop Guest Stop
A beach wedding automatically calls for different guest attire. Most women will wear light sundresses, and men may choose khakis or chinos rather than a suit. If you want your guests to be as comfortable watching the ceremony as they are dancing the night away, considering providing flip-flops. Have a basket of personalized sandals at the head of the wedding site for each guest to grab before choosing their seat. This is a practical favor that will have guests applauding you before you even say, "I do".

Worried about providing the right sizes? You do not have to have guests RSVP with their shoe size (unless you want to buy each of them a sandal they can keep forever). Instead, choose sandals in small, medium, and large. The point of providing sandals isn'the perfect fit. It is to protect their feet from the hot sand or to keep sand out of their Jimmy Choo's.

Beat the Glare at Your Affair
If the site of your ceremony is in direct sunlight, you may want to consider providing your guests with sunscreen or sunglasses as wedding favors. While some of your guests may have a pair of glasses or a stray sunscreen tube in their purse, more often than not guests forget the essentials. If you are getting married during a peak time of the day when the sun is the strongest (between 10 am and 4pm), this option is going to be a lifesaver.

Don't worry if the idea of handing your guests a tube of Coppertone doesn't sit high on your list of funky favor ideas. For added personal flair, get the sunscreen personalized. Many wedding favor companies offer the option of creating your own labels with names and colors to coincide with your event. This detail isn't just practical, it is practically flawless.

Fans for the Fans
Quite popular for summer southern weddings is to provide your guests with a fan while they witness your vows. This is a tradition that should be synonymous with beach weddings too. Instead of simply providing fans, work with a designer to create a fan that can double as a program too. Work with nautical-themed details like hand-stamped seashells or incorporate a dangling pencil that can be used for a playful crossword about you or your beach wedding destination.

A beach wedding is the quintessential locale for committing your life to another person. While it will look amazing in photographs, the elements of nature can always take us by surprise. Therefore, be certain to think through your wedding details to make it the most easy, breezy beach wedding your guests have ever been to.

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