Colin Cowie is party planner to the stars, so it's always a pleasure when he shares his thoughtful wedding day touches with us!


Rituals are a meaningful way to make your wedding ceremony even more personal. I love when rituals include the guests, as well. They are there to serve as witnesses to your union and to show their support for the love you and your partner share, and they are often just as moved as the couple when they are asked to participate in such a special day.

One of my favorite rituals is the good wish archway. As guests arrive at the ceremony location, each guest is asked to write a wish for the bride and groom on a yard of ribbon, then ties the ribbon to an arch at the end of the aisle that the couple will walk through. As the bride and groom enter the ceremony, they are immediately surrounded by the love and collective good thoughts of their family and friends. After the ceremony, the ribbons are rolled up or folded and placed in a commemorative box for the newlyweds to keep.

When setting up this ritual at your own wedding, choose a wide ribbon that matches your color scheme but is light enough for the pen to show up. Purchase a few fabric markers and do a test beforehand to make sure that the ink won’t bleed as your guests write. Designate someone who isn’t in the wedding party – such as an usher, cousin or older niece or nephew – to be in charge of the table and explain the process as guests arrive. Make sure this person knows that they’re also responsible for collecting the ribbons at the end of the ceremony.

Whether it’s on your first anniversary or during a moment when the two of you need a reminder, open the box, read the ribbons and relive the joy, warmth and support you felt on the day you said “I Do”.