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Show off those exquisite lacy sleeves while still staying cozy by wearing a fur vest on top of your wedding dress. We love how the brown color gives the wedding an outdoorsy quality.

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faux fur trimmed white satin pumps for winter wedding
Photo: Nardos Imam


Footwear can be tricky during winter weddings, as the weather conditions make strappy sandals an impossibility and clunky snowshoes difficult to glam up. Check out these satin pumps with white fur trim. Though still not super practical for trudging through snow and slush, they are an adorable accessory to your bridal look and worth switching shoes at the entrance to your venue.

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We all have noted the popularity of mismatched bridesmaid dresses. We're glad to see the winter version of this trend looking so warm and cozy!

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Add some texture and a little bit of practicality to your wedding dress with a faux fur collar. It can either be worn loosely like a scarf or drawn tightly over your shoulders. Play around with it before the big day to see which way you prefer.

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Brides don't traditionally want to hide the beauty of their dress under outerwear, however there is something to be said about what a fur coat can add. It won't just keep you toasty during the wedding photo shoot, it will add more to the story and theme of your big day.

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Muffs & Hats

Red hands aren't usually seen as aesthetically pleasing, so hide them in a furry muff. The bridal party seems to love that their hands aren't freezing, while the groomsmen keep their ears warm under their faux fur trapper hats.

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Flower Girls

Let's not forget about the flower girls. Choose something that is easy to wear and won't keep slipping off throughout the day.

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It's time to transport this wedding to a different place and time, a location in which fur hats are the norm and epic romance is recorded in equally grand novels. This Russian-influenced style is ideal for brides having their wedding during frigid temps.

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Make the cold weather your friend as you don a faux fur-trimmed white poncho with matching gloves. This outfit is so glamorous that you won't want to take it off once you head inside for the reception.

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Snowy Setup

Styling and setup is a big part of what makes wedding photos so special and different from everyday shots that a photographer might capture. Give yourself and your bridesmaids a winter setup for your group shots, something echoing the snowy vibes of your wedding day.

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winter wedding faux fur draped seats for bride and groom evergreen trees
Photo: Happy Wed

Bridal Throne

Though the winter bride might choose to wear a few faux fur accessories, she can also decide to use it in other parts of her day. Here the newlyweds used it to adorn their chairs, setting them apart from the rest of the guests.