couple dancing to the first song at wedding

Although many couples have an "our" song throughout their relationship that stems from a memorable date or proposal, some couples don't.  What if you two aren't one of those couples who already have a special song?  We'll help you find the perfect song to celebrate your marriage on the dance floor!

Are you sure you don't?

Think back. Even if you haven't labeled something "your" song, it doesn't mean there aren't songs that bring instant relationship memories to mind. What about that concert you went to on your third date?  Or the song that came on the radio 100 times during that long holiday weekend road trip?  Is there a song that comes on in the grocery store or in an elevator that immediately makes you think of your other half?  Talk between the two of you and see if there isn't something deep in the memory banks to use.

Are there lyrics you love?

From Frank Sinatra to Lady Gaga, is there a song out there that perfectly encapsulates how you feel about each other?  It doesn't matter if it isn't a traditional wedding song or if it is a total wedding standard (if you love "At Last"--don't you dare use anything else just because your friends say it is overplayed), use what you both love.

You can always incorporate tradition or nostalgia.

Is the well still empty? Ask your parents and grandparents about their first dance song.  Perhaps you can use one of theirs as a nod to family history.  If you do use on of their songs, make sure to make a note somewhere on your wedding program or welcome message, so that they feel included.  Plus, it will be a good conversation starter for guests who might not know them well.

What fits with your wedding's style?

Are you two the funniest couple around?  Then, of course, you should surprise your guests by waltzing to Salt-n-Pepa or Paula Abdul.  Or are you sophisticated and glam?  Try dancing to a jazz standard by Diana Krall or Tony Bennett. Sometimes a first dance is more about the mood than the specific song.

Stop stressing.

It really is just one song. Just one dance. The two of you will have many more in years to come.  In the end, if you guys can't just find your musical "a-ha" moment, find one you both enjoy, and move on. It's not worth the pressure. After all, you still have bridesmaid dresses to contend with and RSVPs to round up.

Photo Credit: Photography by Vanessa