Indian themed reception. Bride and groom dancing on the dance floor.

The fact that 50% of all marriages end in divorce is usually a statistic that most couples choose to downplay while planning their wedding. Well, for those whose glasses are apparently half-empty, we give you the top 5 breakup songs most often used as first dances (drum roll, please):

  1. Every Breath You Take - The only couple this song is appropriate for is the one you see cutting each other's steaks at restaurants and intentionally speaking in unison( you know who you are). We can only hope they opted to take advantage of premarital counseling.
  2. My Heart Will Go On - This sweeping Celine ballad certainly doesn't lack for dramatic romance, but also implies that only one of you is getting out of this marriage alive. Maybe rethink amending your life insurance policy for awhile.
  3. The Dance - Garth Brooks' classic downer reflects on a failed romance that was worth the journey. Best case scenario: Your bride wasn't thinking about you when she chose the song. Worst case scenario: Who the hell was she thinking about?
  4. Nothing Compares 2 U - At least she is going to REALLY miss you after you leave her.
  5. I Will Always Love You - You are REALLY going to miss HER and all she plans on taking with her is "bittersweet memories." Ouch.