outdoor reception details

Summer just begs for simple weddings, doesn't it?  Leave complicated for when the weather is cooler, because this season is all about easy sophistication and refreshing details.  This outdoor reception (above) features long, family-style tables underneath a sunset sky. Illuminate the way with lots of small votives and string lights.  Pitchers of icy water at each table will help your guests stay hydrated after a warm, afternoon reception.

chalkboard wedding signage on tree

These chalkboard signs (above) feature creative frames and enviable handwriting (seriously, what I would give to be able to write like that...).  Hung on a large tree, the signage blends into its surroundings, while still letting your guests know what time to expect cocktails.

glasses of peach prosecco

Speaking of cocktails, keep them light and refreshing in the summer heat.  This wedding served minty peach prosecco, which is a fruity take on the usual champagne offering.

simple wedding cake

Keep your cake in the coolest area possible. You don't want all of this delicious buttercream to melt!  This simple cake is completely unfussy and very charming. Perfect for a summer wedding!

vase guest book

I'm in love with this unique guest book idea (and the chalkboard painted platter that accompanies it)--a large glass vase and loads of black and silver Sharpies.

Each week we focus on one spectacular gallery from our Ideas section. We hope that these galleries inspire you in creating your own unique wedding vision. This week’s selection comes from Cedarwood Weddings in Nashville, TN.