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Butterfly Pavilion

Lots of people incorporate butterflies into their ceremony by releasing several at the conclusion of the ceremony, but why not have them involved in your entire day? A butterfly pavilion is a beautiful and fun option as you explore offbeat wedding venues.

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Carrie Bradshaw almost married Mr. Big in the New York City Public Library, and choosing a beautiful bunker of books near you is the most perfect of offbeat wedding venue for a quirky bride!

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Historical Home

If you want to plan your big day in a place with a lot of history, why not try a home with a lot of history? Choose the former home of a famous statesman or author (Edith Wharton's home is pictured) for your special occasion. Most of these venues close completely for your big day, allowing you and your guests one-on-one time with the location's history!

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Metro wedding
Photo: One Wed

Metro Station

If you have a metro station that is particularly meaningful for you and your new partner, or you simply love the look of your local metro, hosting your ceremony there could give your wedding a fun, urban vibe.

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Independent Bookstores

If you love books, but don't think you can swing renting an entire library, why not try your favorite independent bookstore? Indie stores are usually adorable, intimate, and have a lovely vibe for a couple wanting a unique ceremony.

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Hot Air Balloon Festival

Love hot air balloons, but are afraid of heights? Marrying the love of your life at a hot air balloon festivals is the perfect way to incorporate the whimsy of a hot air balloon as a beautiful backdrop (no vertigo to worry about)!

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Cave Wedding

Get married in an actual cave! This has got to be the most offbeat of the offbeat wedding venues, but finding a cave filled with beautiful rock structures, stalactites, and stalagmites is a wonderful way to wow with your unique ceremony.

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Anyone can do a destination wedding, but if you want to take your day up a notch with one of the craziest offbeat wedding venues ever, why not try saying "I do" at the base of a volcano?

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If you're a history buff, but you don't feel like refurbished buildings are your style, why not get married in front of or in the ruins of a beautiful old building? They can be a bit tougher to spot if you're stateside, but worth the hunt!

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Clocktowers are beautiful, inside and out. Whether your city has a clocktower that can hold events within the tower, or you just hold your ceremony outside of it, this is one of those offbeat wedding venues that will not only be grand, but will make for some truly unique photographs, too.