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Rose Petal Confetti

A perfect moment frozen in time. Yes, this backyard wedding can be summed up with this one blissful shot.

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blue smoke bomb fun outdoor wedding photo
Photo: Olive & Oak

Love Bomb

Though maybe more appropriate for a "day after" or engagement photo shoot, playing with props like smoke bombs can really boost the fun and uniqueness factor of your outdoor wedding photos. The carefree smiles say it all.

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forest outdoor wedding photo elopement
Photo: Ben J Haisch

Wild Love

The wild passion between this couple is beautifully emphasized by the natural backdrop. Outdoor wedding shots can really bring out the emotion we are feeling, something raw and honest.

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A Private Moment

With their faces hidden, the photographer has found a way to share their bliss with others without encroaching on the privacy of the couple's moment.

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Snow Fight

When integrated into the subject of the photo, the outdoors can be the best prop you have. This couple is showing off their playful nature with a little snowball fight!

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A Moment of Serenity

Sometimes all you need is some natural lighting to capture a moment that will forever define a day, a couple, and a marriage. This lakeside photo shows a perfect serenity shared by just the two of them.

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Love will Keep You Warm

Is there anything cozier than a blanket for two? Let the snow be your natural confetti and show that your love can indeed keep you warm.

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Between Poses

Posed photos can be beautiful, but nothing beats the shots taken between poses, when the real love, happiness, and excitement shines through!

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Initimate Moments

Sometimes happiness isn't communicated in loud laughter or wide smiles. It can be anything as subtle as a tiny smile, a meaningful look, or a lingering touch. This couple is clearly glowing with bliss and we don't need to see their pearly whites to know it.

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Perfection in Imperfection

Having an outdoor wedding shoot doesn't mean that you will always have sunny photos in the nearby park. You'll often get "less desirable" atmospheric conditions. However, don't let that get you down! Embrace it and play along. WARNING: May result in stunning wedding photos.