beer-themed menu and pint of stout

Why should vineyards get all the attention?  For those of you that favor a pint of stout over a glass of white, these pub wedding details should be right up your alley. Pub weddings are casual, fun, and very friendly affairs with a focus on the simpler things.

British pub wedding decor with tea tins and ceramic bottles

Total anglophile?  We don't blame you. Britain is full of style to envy, including chic pub weddings at neighborhood establishments. Above, this couple decorated the pub with flowers filling empty canisters of tea (that yellow one is Campbell's Tea--just trust us and try it) and ceramic bottles.  Bunting is also a really easy way to add some color to a pub's usual low lighting and short ceilings.

British pub wedding with colorful bunting and white chandeliers

In America, pub trivia nights are a time to hang out with friends, prove that you have more useless knowledge than anyone else, and throw back a few pints.  Extend the fun to your wedding day by having your DJ host a trivia event centered around the two of you and your interests. Or you can just leave out trivia forms (something that will keep the introverts amused) and have them leave the completed ones by your guest book (below).

beer bottle vase and wedding themed pub trivia quiz

Where there is beer, there are hops.  If your wedding will be serving plenty of your favorite microbrews, why not incorporate hops into your wedding decor?  Below, these beer bottle vases with wildflowers sat in planter boxes filled with hops.

beer bottle vases inside planter box filled with hops

If the groom was the one who introduced you to the wonderful world of beer in the first place, surprise him with a hops boutonniere (below)!

hops and wheat boutonnieres

And yes, a beer-centric wedding can still be refined and sophisticated. We adore this botanical illustration of hops on this earth-toned wedding invite (below).

wedding invitation suite with botanical illustration of hops

Don't have a great pub in your area to host your wedding?  That's okay.  You can still design your wedding around great microbrews and good times. Leave bottles of beer in icy tubs and plenty of places for people to relax and chat.

metal tubs of beer, wine, and soda on beach
bride and groom sitting at bar

If you are lucky enough to have a neighborhood tavern that's wedding-worthy, don't forget to use the bar as a pretty backdrop for your portraits (above).

meat and cheese platter on wooden board at pub wedding

When it comes to a pub wedding menu, you don't need to spend a lot of time laboring over decisions. Keep it traditional and simple with a selection of breads, meats, and cheeses (and don't forget the pickles!).  Because this is such a laidback theme, your wedding cake can be equally rustic. Perhaps serve shortcake or a naked wedding cake like the one below?

bride and groom cut naked raspberry and cream wedding cake
vintage Guinness beer poster

Some pubs have great built-in decor like vintage posters and signage (above). Others, you might have to work a bit. Use a magnet board to display bottlecap magnet favors. It will make your wedding welcome table so much fun!

beer bottlecap wedding favors on magnet board

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