I have a rather large weak spot for mustaches. Not so much the Tom Selleck kind; more the portable kind that you can whip out at a moment's notice to get the party going.

At our wedding we ordered these fantastic mustaches on a stick and what we discovered was people love a mustache. For real. Folks that normally seemed uncomfortable posing for photos suddenly... well, sometimes a picture really can do what words can't.

I'm pretty sure if your grandma starts acting like a pirate, your mustaches have done their job.

Which is why these photo paddles from PhotoJoJo are the ultimate photo find. They come in a set of five, including a speech bubble, which would get some serious use in the Photo Booth, I'd imagine.Not having a photo booth? I say put a set on each table and see where the photo paddles take your guests. Or if you're having a more whimsical affair, use them as your bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts. Because, seriously? The world could do with a few more mustaches.