gold glitter celebrate cake topper


On your wedding day, you want a cake topper that will express some of your thoughts on this momentous occasion. Depending on the type of couple you are, we have just the right topper for you!

For the glitzy-glam couple

We adore these gold and silver glimmering words. They let your guests know how excited you are for this day and encourage them to hit the dance floor and boogie all night long!


best day ever cake topper
sparkle flags cake topper


For the sentimental couple

Why use a cake topper that is headed straight for the trash can following the festivities? Use these wooden cake toppers as decorations in your planters!  C'mon, how perfect would "Always hopes" be in a bucket of daisies?

wooden flag cake topper
wooden wedding cupcake toppers


For the cheesy romantic couple

You've been known to sit on the couch together and binge-watch Once Upon a Time on more than one weekend.  You love your romance straight up and gooey. Whether you go with a classic "happily ever after" or a simple "dream come true", these toppers tell your guests that you two are absolute soulmates.

happily after ever cake topper
golden word cake toppers
oh happy day cake topper


For the couple that prefers direct and to-the-point

You don't mince words, and you both say what's on your mind. Pretty much all the time.  Your senses of humor is why your friends love you both so very much, why wouldn't you go witty for your toppers?  I'm a fan of "At Last", even if you aren't planning on dancing to Etta James.

At Last cake topper
hitched heart cupcake toppers


The couple that loves being just the two of you

For you guys, this day is all about finally becoming a twosome. Sharing your names, or a simple "Mr. & Mrs." is a reflection of your relationship and just how happy you are to be together (and,of course, filing a joint tax return--status? married, check!).

name and ampersand cake topper
Mr & Mrs cake topper


For the pop-culture couple

The envy of everyone else at bar trivia night, you two know your trends and fads. You were on Instagram before Kim Kardashian and can quote the lyrics to every top 40 song.  Your friends won't be surprised to see your cake adorned with a hashtag or a little Beyonce.

hashtag cake topper
Put a ring on it cake topper

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