spray painted Mason jars

Spray paint used to just be for neighborhood hooligans or lawn furniture touch-ups.  But now, there are so many different colors, finishes, and purposes, spray paint is just about the coolest tool ever for a DIY crafter.  All you need to transform your wedding decor from common to spectacular is a can of your favorite spray paint, a big piece of plywood or newspapers to catch the paint, and painter's tape for sharp angles.  You can use the tape to create geometric patterns or stripes, such as the golden painted Mason jars above.  If you want a more vintage and distressed look, coat Mason jars in matte spray paint and then gently wear the paint down around the logo and rims with a piece of sandpaper.

spray painted Mason jars
gold spray painted milk glass vases

For modern weddings, play around with metallic and reflective spray paints to create new details from traditional ones.  Spraying gold paint on milk glass vases showcase the cool patterns that otherwise are not as obvious in white (above).  Use candle holders as table numbers by stenciling numbers with reflective silver paint (below).

spray painted table decor
copper pine cone bouquet

Copper and gold can completely amp up your bouquets into something really dramatic. Above, this bride chose to pair baby's breath with copper-painted pine cones for her rustic event.  For a more glam effect, paint your roses gold (below).  The vintage tablescape staple of old books is completely re-imagined for modern weddings when you spray them down in gold.

gold wedding details


Glitter spray paint is a fun way to pretty up favors.  These basic matchboxes are completely transformed with a little sparkle and decorative paper!

glitter pain matchbox favors
gold branches and pumpkins
spray painted lobster table runner


As much fun as it is to play with metallics (they are all the rage, after all), spray paint can also be used for bright colors. This lobster stenciled table runner would be perfect for a bayside wedding (above).  If you are using a bunch of mismatched silverware, spray painting the handles can easily unify them.

Are you digging the chalkboard trend?  There is also chalkboard spray paint, can you believe it?!  These personalized Mason jars use heart stencils sprayed with the chalkboard paint. Once it dries, you can use chalk or a white Sharpie to write names.

spray painted silverware and mason jars

Credits:  Gold Stencils//Pastel Mason Jars//Gold Milk Glass//Table Numbers//Pine Cone Bouquet//Gold Roses//Initials//Gold Books//Glitter Paint Matchboxes//Branches//Pumpkins//Lobster Table Runner//Silverware//Mason Jars with Straws