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Delorean Wedding Transportation
Photo: The Youngrens

Delorean Wedding Transportation

Great Scott! Let your guests know you and your new spouse are off for fantastic adventures through time and space by starting your new life together in a Delorean--time travel may not be included.

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Train Getaway

Trains have a unique and romantic air to them, but it's not often you see a newlywed couple use them as wedding transportation. Shake things up by hopping on a train to head off to your honeymoon!

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Classic Car

A Rolls Royce is an iconic and luxurious car, but any classic car would bring a fun vibe to your wedding transportation.

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Cinderella Carriage

Make your wedding feel like a fairytale by leaving your ceremony in a Cinderella-inspired carriage. Even better? You won't have to be home by midnight.

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Sleigh Ride

If you've got a winter wedding, taking a sleigh ride is a cool way to leave your wedding. Just be sure you've got a blanket for you and your sweetie!

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Photo: The Melideos

Vespa Getaway

If the weather's nice and your dress isn't too big, getting away on a Vespa is a fun way to bid your guests farewell. Just be sure to wear a helmet!

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Hot Air Balloon
Photo: Wedding Bells

Hot Air Balloon

Take to the skies on your wedding by using airborne wedding transportation. A hot air balloon departure will keep your guests talking long after your wedding day.

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Photo: The Fizz

Tractor Getaway

Bring your love of rural life to your wedding transportation. Even if you want to keep the wedding itself largely traditional, using a tractor as a getaway vehicle is a cute way to tip a hat to your country roots.

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Tandem Bicycle
Photo: The Fizz

Tandem Bicycle

If a Vespa seems like a too mainstream means of wedding transportation, why not try a tandem bike? It's not only good for you and your new spouse, but it's also good for the environment!

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Gondola Getaway
Photo: Bellagala

Gondola Getaway

Want to take to the skies with your new spouse after your mountain wedding? Try using a gondola or ski lift! It's scenic and a spectacular photo op.