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Boho Tapestry

A boho-themed wedding is all about mixing textures and patterns. This tapestry backdrop with fringed fabrics is a unique way to add some boho chic to your wedding. The playful sunflowers and colorful bottles also add a fun touch!

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Bright Whites

Your dress doesn't have to be the only white in your wedding! This romantic white tent with chandelier is very elegant and photographs beautifully.

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Rustic Doors

A set of rustic doors is a popular addition to your end-of-the-aisle display. We love these aged wooden doors paired with branch arch, gauzy fabric, and blush flowers!

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Playful Yarn

A fun backdrop doesn't have to be complicated. Try making your own yarn backdrop with bright colors for your summer wedding. This decor piece with bamboo arch and palm tree arrangements gives a modern, beachy feel to this charming wedding.

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Hanging Quote

There's no better way to remember your most important wedding moment than with a meaningful quote. This cutout quote held with rustic doors is an adorable addition to this desert wedding. The potted plants and hints of orange pair well with the scenic view.

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Twinkly Lights

If you have your summer wedding indoors, a twinkle light backdrop is always a good idea. This Brooklyn wedding with twinkle lights, draped sheer fabric, and triangle garland exudes dreamy romance.

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Air Plant Curtain

A forest wedding gives your ceremony an enchanting vibe. This air plant curtain is simple, yet captivating, and gives you something gorgeous to take home after your big day.

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Colorful Party Streamers

Your wedding day is one of your most memorable parties! So why not treat it that way? These colorful, summery streamers add a playful touch to your event.

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Wild Vines

If your summer wedding features plenty of natural decor, then we think you will love this wild vines backdrop! It's simple, but still elegant, and makes your vows looks stunning in photographs.

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Clock Collage
Photo: Jesi Haack

Vintage Clock Collage

Your wedding day is the perfect time to express a little personality. This unique and stylish clock collage backdrop is a sweet choice for your summer wedding ceremony. It's a creative way to give your wedding that vintage chic feel.

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Hanging Fabrics

This ribbon and sheer fabric backdrop is positively enchanting. If you're looking for an elegant statement for your summer wedding decor this might be your perfect match.