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What are summer weddings without popsicles? You can buy pre-made ones from the store or make your own to serve during your cocktail hour.

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Fresh Lemonade

Nothing feels more like summer than a tall, ice-cold glass of lemonade. Get creative and add fun flavors. Your loved ones won't even remember that they're in the heat.

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bucket of bottled water
Photo: Don Duenas

Water Bottles

Cool down wedding guests by having water bottles on ice ready to go. You can even personalize them with your own label if you're feeling crafty.

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Misting Station

Summer weddings are going to be hot, so give guests a chance to cool off. Literally. This one may take some planning, but your guests will be forever grateful for it.

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If you're not interested in creating more work for yourself, a good reliable fan is all you need to cool down guests. If you're worried about it looking out of place, spray paint it so it becomes part of your wedding decor.

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circular wedding program fan
Photo: William Innes

Program Fans

If you're short on outlets for electric fans, try paper ones instead! Make it personal by adding your ceremony program to it or a message that encourages them to stay cool.

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Wayfarer, aviator, cat-eye, it doesn't matter, cool shades equals a cool ceremony. Not only will guests be able to see the wedding without squinting, they'll also look extra stylish.

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basket of parasols for summer wedding
Photo: Gideon Photo


Your guests will feel like true royalty using fancy umbrellas to keep cool. Buy ones that match your theme for cute pictures!

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Don't get burned on your big day. Make sure you protect yourself with sunscreen and set some out for attendees to do the same.

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One-of-a-Kind Cocktails

Be remembered for your awesome drink mixing skills and create your own cocktail (or mocktails). The flavors should be a combination of you and your beau's favorite flavors and be served over lots of ice.

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Pitch a Tent

Renting a large tent for an outdoor reception will not only keep family and friends cool, but it'll double as an umbrella, just in case it rains.