cellophane bags filled with jelly beans with punny personalized sticker

When it comes to wedding favors, few guests would protest a little something sweet on their way out the door.  Above, these colorful packets of jelly beans will let your friends and family how happy you have "bean" to see them.

For this literary-themed wedding, a clever faux book box was used to tuck away a handful of Jordan almonds--a creative way to gift a classic wedding favor candy!

white Jordan almonds as wedding favors in faux book box

If you want to incorporate your wedding colors into your favors and there isn't a candy already available that will do that for you, there are options. Many chocolate candies and even gummy bears (like these bright ones below) can be dyed to match your specifications.

bright aqua gummy bears made to match wedding colors
candy eggs in small jar with personalized tag for wedding favor

And, of course, seasonal candies and treats can be such a novelty as a favor. These hard-shelled chocolate candy Easter eggs are all enclosed in a mini jar with a Kraft paper tag. Below, what would an autumnal wedding be without a caramel apple to take with you as a midnight snack?

caramel apple wedding favors with thank you tags

Nothing says summer quite so well as cotton candy (below). Save your guests a sticky mess and prepackage them in cellophane bags with a personalized sticker to match your wedding's theme.

cotton candy wedding favors in individual bags with personalized stickers

For those of you that like your sweet with a side of salty, give your friends and family some kettle corn to nibble on during the car ride home.  Below, this couple used simple bags and then added a monogram stamp to the top (very easy DIY for those of you interested in being a little creative).

bag of kettle corn for wedding favor with monogram stamp

Classic chocolate lovers will appreciate these bars wrapped up with a personalized label (below).

candy bars wrapped with personalized wrappers
rock candy favor on white napkin place setting

Decorate your place settings with these tasty finds. Rock candy adds extra sparkle and glam to a simple table (above). For a nautical wedding, bag up a bunch of salt water taffy (below). Not only is it a fun touch, it has the added benefit of keeping the crowd happy if the caterer is running a bit behind.

salt water taffy wedding favors with nautical tag

Part of the fun is all the different decor details you can add to your packaging.  Below, glass jars make a dashing container for cherry gumballs. And using twine and Kraft paper can give a serving of hard candy a rustic vibe.

cherry gumballs in Mason jar with Kraft paper tag
hard candy wedding favors wrapped in cellophane bag

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