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Boho Seating Arrangement

For a boho bent on the traditional sweetheart table, try renting a couple poufs to put around a vintage wooden coffee table. It's luxe, relaxing and totally gorgeous. We love these super unique wedding ideas for a full on boho wedding.

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Romantic Floral Braid

We'll always love a good flower crown, don't get us wrong but we're all for updating the look and this floral braid does just that. You get the undone whimsy that's so boho but it feels fresh and new all over again.

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Whimsical dreamcatcher wedding decor
Photo: Haley Gemma

Dreamcatcher Decor

Adding thoughtful aesthetic details like dreamcatchers or vintage fabric pennant garland gives the boho wedding additional character. They're textured, detailed and carry their own meaning which we love.

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Boho streamer ceremony backdrop
Photo: East Knits

Macrame Backdrop

There's nothing more boho chic than some good macrame and we totally dig this majorly inspiring macrame backdrop. It'll infuse your ceremony with some seriously good vibes and would even double as a gorgeous wall hanging in your newlywed nest once the wedding is over.

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Bohemian succulent boutonnieres
Photo: Eucca Floral

Succlent Boutonniere

Succulents are so hot right now – and that's not just because they come from the desert. They're an earthy, lush wedding idea; we think boutonnieres are an often overlooked but super fun wedding detail that deserves attention too!

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Oriental Rug Ceremony

Oriental rugs — especially when used in outdoor ceremonies like this one — add an extra (literal) layer of texture, luxury and chicness that we can't get enough of. Layer them on top of each other for a super dramatic effect or create a unique ceremony runner like the couple did here.

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Floral Feathers Wedding Cake

Flowers and feathers together make for an especially bohemian wedding cake. It's rustic, it's charming and it's got that unpolished but totally on purpose look we love.

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Boho Bouquets

A boho wedding bouquet is all about that effortlessly undone look. We love these for their rich colors, wildflower feel and variety of textures.

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Bell Sleeve Boho Wedding Dress

Lace, bell sleeves and off the shoulder — it's the ultimate triumvirate of a boho wedding dress. There's a laid-back ease to a dress like this that speaks to the bohemian spirit but it still feels so special and elevated.

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Honey Pot Wedding Favors

Give your guests something sweet to end the sweet night. Individual honey pots are such a cute, delicious and easily personalized wedding favor (and we get such a tickle from a "bee mine" tag attached).

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Antler Invitations

Rustic charm abounds with these boho wedding invitations. We love the faux wood background and the floral-antler motif. They'll get your guests in the laid-back, bohemain spirit even before your event begins.