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Tropical Lanterns

Create an easy, elegant outdoor look with paper lanterns. Illuminate each table with the soft hues of two or three lanterns. String lanterns overhead to tie it all together. You can even monogram the lanterns for a personalized tropical statement.

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Double Duty

With so many details, why not make your decor work for you? Wine bottles with fairy lights get the job done as table numbers, centerpieces and added sparkle. Extend some wedding lighting to the altar too!

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Photographer's Dream Come True

Photographers love getting creative with available lighting. Outdoors, wrap string lights around trees and branches to not only light the way, but also delight the person behind the lens. Little lighting details turn photos into stunning pieces of art.

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Candles Are Understated

Nothing spells romance like a candlelit dinner. Forgo flowers completely by using various sized candles for wedding lighting. Who knows? It could spark love between your guests from across the table.

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Captured Fairies

What's a fairy tale wedding without some fairies? Hurricane candle holders and display cases trap fairy lights for an enchantment beyond roses.

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Things Are Looking Up

Cascading string lights hung from the ceiling keep eyes up. The best part is you don't need to worry about the height of the centerpiece blocking conversation because it's floating overhead!

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Your Name in Lights

Who doesn't want to see their name in big, bright marquee lights? These lighted monograms create photo-ops while putting your stamp on the entire reception. Most monograms can be rented or purchased — or you can DIY your own!

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Lanterns Galore

Light the way to your reception with minimalist elegance and old world charm. Lanterns are classic, and can simplify centerpieces for a traditional wedding.

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Light Up Your Tent

Keep the party glowing when you immerse the entire reception with lights. Many tent companies offer lighting designs of varying degrees. Ambiance is the decor that counts.

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China Ball Statements

Whimsical and practical? Yes, you can have both! China balls are inexpensive, easy to string up and together, and they provide the most light per fixture. Not to mention they come in just about every color.

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An Enchanting Mix

Still considering a traditional centerpiece? Tea lights hanging off bare branches make for a fuller look. From farther away, the lights float in the atmosphere like dancing fairies.

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Illuminated Backdrop

Put yourself in sheer radiance in the front of the room. A backdrop of tulle and lights behind the head table to create stunning ambiance that won't obstruct views of the happy couple.

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Little But Mighty

Think tea lights might not be enough? Think again! A flame is a flame, and gives off plenty of light. With candles, size doesn't often matter. Purchase tea lights in bulk to amp up the hypnotizing candlelight.

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string lights backdrop from vaulted barn
Photo: Mastin Studio

All Strung Together

String lights are an amazing way to add softness and structure to any space. Doesn't matter if you're having an indoor or outdoor wedding, brighten up the ceiling on your affair.