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Cupcake Pan

Breakfast cups to go, blueberry muffins, or festive birthday cupcakes can all be had with this cool tin. Wedding registry ideas that allow for breakfast, snack and dessert foods are a must.

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Presto pancake griddle
Photo: Presto

Presto Griddle

A smart wedding registry idea for the couple that loves brunch: a griddle. Cook eggs, bacon, pancakes and even make toast. You'll love how versatile and useful this appliance will be on lazy mornings.

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large Crock Pot
Photo: CrockPot


CrockPot meals are perfect for making game day wings, wintertime chili and summer dips. After a few uses you'll wonder how you got by without one!

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Cast Iron Skillet

Once you receive one of these, you'll want more. We guarantee it. Cast iron skillets are built to last, just ask your grandma how long she's had hers.

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Measuring Cups and Spoons

It'll be pretty difficult to muddle through recipes without a set of these. We recommend springing for the stainless steel ones with the measurement etched in them so they won't wear off after heavy usage.

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Wooden Utensils

Up your skill when cooking with this utensil set. They are durable and impeccably crafted to keep you on task and prepared to complete your recipe in style.

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wooden carving board
Photo: Villa Acacia

Carving Board

Slice through cooked meat and chop up veggies like a pro with this wooden cutting board. And this one is so pretty, you'll want to keep it out on your countertop.

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basic knives set
Photo: Cutco

Necessary Knives

Forget a block of knives, this set from Cutco are the only knives you'll need as a beginner. They are perfect for all the chopping, cutting and slicing you'll need to do.

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Stainless Steel Colander

Three different sizes of colanders will make cleaning and draining food of all sizes a breeze. The sturdy side handles allow you to avoid steam burns when straining hot food.

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Classic Dinnerware

Your first dining set doesn't need to be super fancy. But it should be sturdy and dishwasher and microwave safe for easy handling. Crate and Barrel allows you to mix and match sets so you can get exactly what you want and nothing that you don't.

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pots and pans
Photo: Rachel Ray

Pots & Pans

Pots, pans, a baking sheet and utensils, this set has it all. Not to mention, it's approved by a professional chef. If Rachel Ray can whip up a three course meal with this set, you and your boo can handle dinner.

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Mixing Bowls

Opt for glass mixing bowls, it'll be easier to see what's inside and they'll be microwave and dishwasher safe for speedy cooking and painless clean up.