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Photo: Simply Succulents

Succulent Heart Shaped Tins

Complete with a heart shaped tin, these succulents are a lasting way to remember such a special occasion. Don't forget to enclose watering instructions! (Set of 6 for $47.95; simplysucculents.com)

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flower wedding favors
Photo: Beau-Coup

Mini Palm Plant Wedding Favors

Perfect for nautical nuptials, these nature-inspired wedding favors will have your guests taking a piece of paradise home with them. ($4.31; beau-coup.com)

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seedling wedding favors
Photo: Plant A Memory

Tree Seedling Boxed Favors

Your guests will be able to grow even more memories thanks to this adorable seedling. The eco-friendly wedding favor includes a personalized card crafted on recycled petal paper. We're in love! ($2.99; plantamemory.com)

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Photo: The Succulent Source

Assorted Cacti

These colorful cacti are such a fun and unique way to thank your guests for celebrating such a special day with you. Each collection is randomly selected from over 60 different types of cacti, giving your guests a one-of-a-kind favor. ($3.30; thesucculentsource.com)

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Photo: Magnolia Market

Eggling Garden

Hatch a plant with these adorable eggling garden kits. They're available in five different plant types, so your guests can pick their perfect plant. ($12; magnoliamarket.com)

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Photo: Etsy

Herb Gardening Kits

Indoor herb gardens are not only practical, they're cute too. Give your guests a gift that keeps giving as they choose one of four herbs to take home and plant. (Set of 4 for $25.50; etsy.com)

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succulent wedding favors
Photo: The Succulent Store

Rosette Succulents

These flower-shaped succulents are just too charming. The low-maintenance plant is a perfect wedding favor for everyone—no green thumb needed! ($1.75; thesucculentstore.com)

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pine tree seedling favors
Photo: Beau-Coup

Evergreen Tree Seedling Favor

This favor is ideal for any outdoor, woodland or rustic-themed wedding. The burlap-wrapped tree seedlings are an excellent reminder of your big day as your guests watch them grow. ($10.95 - $14.50; beau-coup.com)

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hanging succulent terrariums
Photo: Etsy

Terrarium Wedding Favors

There's nothing we love more than terrariums! These sweet gifts combine a mixture of cacti and succulents. Perfect for the low-maintenance guest, these terrariums are potted in beautiful hand blown glass. Need we say more? (Set of 20 for $170; etsy.com)

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cactus wedding favors
Photo: Etsy

Mini Potted Cacti Party Favors

For a unique favor, gift your guests mini cacti. These prickly favors will not only decorate their home, but also poke their heart strings. (Set of 100 for $165; etsy.com)