Found Vintage Rentals is one of those absolutely fantastic ideas. Owner Jeni has a passion for all things vintage and collects one-of-a-kind pieces that she then rents out to wedding photographers, event planners and engaged couples for weddings and photo shoots.

With an inventory of everything from lightly painted folding chairs perfect for outdoor weddings, to perfectly worn leather couches, to wooden suitcases ideal for engagement sessions, Jeni's accessories create a vintage look that has the advantage of going home after the event (no having to worry about loading up the van in your dress and heels!).

Make sure to also check out her blog, which is filled with tons of ideas for how to use their collections to create dessert tables, photo groupings and more.

Candy bar filled with mints, candies and liquorice on a rustic, vintage table.
A bride and her bridal party pose on a vintage couch, chair and wooden trunk.
Red, white and blue folding chairs set out in the backyard of a house.
Vintage wine bottles and jars rest alongside a rustic wooden bottle holder.
Vintage furniture, including a couch, vase, box, books and a table.
A couple pose together on a vintage, rustic wooden trunk by a wheat field.