floral heart place card

Wedding place cards not only tell your guests where to take a seat, they also add a little pep to your place settings.  We've rounded up some of our favorite place and escort cards (more about those in a second) in the most popular decor themes to inspire your own selection.

So, what's the difference between place cards and escort cards?  Place cards usually feature each guest's name and are placed at their corresponding place setting.  Escort cards also have a table number printed on them and are normally situated at a welcome table.  Generally, you use escort cards when a particular seat at a table isn't important.  When you want each guest in a specific seat, use a seating chart (so guests don't have to wander from table to table) with table numbers and then place cards at each setting.

These first two cards are absolutely perfect for sweetly feminine weddings. Above, the couple's name are intertwined with a floral heart (garden wedding, anyone?).  Below, a lovely card for the pink and gold trend (which I am convinced I will never tire of), this option also features calligraphy lettering.

pink and gold wedding place card

Take vintage to a whole new level with a personalized place card doily (below, left). Or make someone's name a work of art as this card does atop a mini wooden easel. Both are totally charming options that add so much style to the overall tablescape.

doily place card
easel place card
golden animal place cards

Rustic has certainly gone glam lately. These golden animal figurines also make chic pocket-sized favors (above). Below, you could use either silk leaves or real magnolia leaves to make these elegant wedding escort cards (below).

green leaf escort card
rustic woodcut place cards


But if you would like your rustic without a side of glamour thankyouverymuch, here are a few that embrace the theme's simplicity. Above, stow your place cards in woodcuts (above).  They can take them home as favors and use them as anything from a picture frame to a recipe card holder.

In one of the more brilliant ideas I've seen in awhile, affix your Kraft paper place cards to the tines of forks (below, right).  If you are using escort cards, pin them to chicken wire behind your welcome table with tiny wooden clothespins (below, left).

chicken wire escort cards
fork tine place card


Here are a few more wedding place card ideas that we love:

air plant wedding place cards
clothesline wedding escort cards
strawberry candy place card
concert ticket themed escort cards
Washington wedding place card
greenery place cards
pumpkin place cards

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