Assigned seating is a special touch that takes a little effort but shows your guests you care; by taking the guesswork out of where to sit you give everyone comfort in knowing you took the time to properly place them. And, by selecting your guests' seats you can play matchmaker with your single guests, give sports fanatics the chance to rally with one another, and help bring the timid out of their shell.

If you decide to assign your guests to tables consider these guidelines for a well-organized escort table:
- Select an easy to read font or script.
- Make sure the cards are alphabetized.
- Position the table in an easily accessible location.
- Consider a theme.
- Have fun with the design!

Final tip: Remember to make the table user friendly and place it in a well-lit spot so guests can read their names easily.

To get you inspired, here are a few examples of unique approaches to the traditional escort table.

Embroidered Napkins
We personalized and hem stitched napkins as place cards (and blew the minds of everyone at this destination wedding). Each guests' napkin was embroidered with their name to take home as a wonderful keepsake from this amazing weekend long event.


Silver Bud Vases
For this wedding, bud vases were tagged with each guest' seating arrangement, which complimented the centerpiece design at their table. At the end of the event elegant gift boxes were distributed so guests could easily take home their sparkling new vessel.

Leaf Design
For this romantic, garden-inspired wedding, names were written on real leaves, which guests then literally "picked" from the vine in order to find their seats.

Modern Flare
For this sleek and modern wedding design, the seating cards floated above the bride and groom's names on the dance floor.

Mountain Chic
To reflect this fashionista bride who was having a destination wedding in the Rockies, seating cards were hung from an Aspen tree in precious little purses.

Selecting your guest seats is a detail that really shows your guests that you care about them. Your guests' comfort is the ultimate goal and, believe me, their enjoyment at your event makes all your planning worthwhile.