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3 Wheeled Fun

Wedding getaway car isn't really your deal? Stay clear of mainstream and bring an element of fun to your wedding when your vehicle of choice has an engine but only 3 wheels! This motorcycle and sidecar combo will make everyone smile as you putter away into the sunset.

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Tiny is Beautiful

With the culture of limos and party buses, having a tiny vintage wedding getaway car lends a nostalgic feel to the celebrations. Instead of bigger is better, it's time to start thinking about what your wedding says about you as a couple and how your choice of transportation fits the overall theme.

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Float Away

It's time for you and your heart's captain to set off into married life alone- and there's no way to do this more beautifully than by rowing away from the party in a boat decorated with flowers. So cast off, and enjoy the journey that you have just embarked on- it's going to be incredible.

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Bus Love

Do you want your wedding party along with you as you move from the ceremony to the reception? Well, then you'll probably need a bus to handle that. But if it's as adorable as this pastel VW van, you'll have trouble counting the number of people that want to catch a ride in it.

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white wedding getaway bike rickshaw
Photo: KT Merry

Taking it Slow

If you're ready to switch gears and take it slow after the wedding is over, who needs an engine? An outfitted local rickshaw has more speed than you need, and besides, with neither of you driving, it's safe to get lost in each other's eyes.

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elegant wedding horse drawn carriage
Photo: Katie Stoops


Today's your day, and you should be treated like royalty. And if being a princess means driving away in a horse-drawn carriage, that's exactly what you should have. Bring this vintage glamour to your getaway moment- you won't regret it.

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white classic getaway car
Photo: Mike Larson

Wild at Heart

Add some volume to your hairstyle by letting the wind tousle it a bit as you drive away to your happily-ever-after in a classic wedding getaway car. Perfect for the wild at heart newlyweds that aren't afraid to drive over the speed limit (but only slightly, of course)!

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Just the Two of You

Location is everything, they say. So if the location of your wedding is near a stunning lake surrounded by mountains, it would be a shame not to make full use of its beauty. Canoeing might not seem as romantic as taking out a rowboat, yet somehow it's just "right" in the context of this rugged Canadian landscape.

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yellow wedding bicycle just married
Photo: Anne Robert

Powered by Love

Though you might want to practice the "great escape" a couple of times before you do it for real, a vintage bicycle is the best two-wheel carriage that a bride could ask for. Powered by nothing else but your hubby's strength, you'll be laughing and crying as you zig-zag your way down the lane.

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Vintage Twist

Not quite sure how well you'll be able to pedal after an evening full of dancing? All you need are two wheels and an engine, and you're off for the greatest adventure of your life! Just make sure it's a two seater- that wedding dress won't let you squeeze onto a single.