Especially for those getting married after they have already set up their own households, gift registries can sometimes feel unnecessary. For some, a charity may be a great way to go. A couple of simple rules when opting for charitable donations over traditional registries:

Pick a charity that isn't too controversial. As much as you may be committed to a particular political cause or politically-minded social charity, your guests may not agree with your views. It is one thing to ask a guest to respect your opinion; it's another to ask one to donate money to something that they are in opposition to.

Don't make your guests feel guilty for opting to still buy you a traditional present. Some guests don't want to donate to your charity. Maybe they just truly want to buy you a butter dish. Accept it graciously.

Your charity will give you a list of donations made in your name.Don't mention the amounts in your thank you cards, and remember that every donation is generous.


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