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quirky wedding portrait school class
Photo: Lara Hotz

Quirky Details

There is something very distinctive about the set details in Wes Anderson movies. And "quirky" would be an understatement. He is terrific at creating an aesthetic using commonplace details in a creative way. Here, this picture of the wedding party is transformed into an elementary school portrait courtesy of a bench and a magnetic board.

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Impeccable Re-Creations

In several of Wes Anderson's films, badges make an appearance. Instead of traditional boutonnieres, give the fellas their own merit badges (these are from Rushmore and Moonrise Kingdom) to either pin to their lapels or attach to their breast pockets.

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eclectic bridal party in retro dresses
Photo: Loren X Chris

Retro Influence

Clearly, Wes Anderson loves him some 1960s fashion. Almost all of his movies feature bold retro style statements. Take your bridesmaids to a vintage shop to find them mismatched dresses and pair with berets, knee socks, and chunky shoes.

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Eclectic Playfulness

Nothing makes us long for our childhood toy chest quite like a Wes Anderson movie. His playful props create a sense of whimsy and nostalgia. These luxe welcome bags were filled with all sorts of fun treats, including a personalized ViewMaster.

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book escort cards and favors
Photo: Karen Wise

Literary Details

It's probably a good guess that Anderson was a bookworm as a kid, given that all of his movies use a copious amount of literary influences. This escort card/favor idea is nothing short of brilliant. Pick out a vintage book for each guest (based on how well you know their interests) at estate sales or thrift shops. Wrap them in brown paper and put personalized labels with their names and table numbers. Line them up on a long table or on a bookshelf.

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creative backdrops at Wes Anderson inspired wedding reception
Photo: Pat Furey

Creative Backdrops

The sets of these movies are so iconic because of how unique they are. It's sort of like entering another world. Make a collection of photo backdrops inspired by his set design for the coolest wedding photo booth ever.

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Font Focused

One of the more modern elements of this theme is the typography. Wes Anderson is famous for his use of strong block fonts. Copy this style with an invitation suite that makes the font the focus.

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bride and groom with animal masks
Photo: F2 Studio

Eccentric Choices

If your fave film is The Fantastic Mr. Fox, then you have to put a few eccentric woodland accents in. These masks should do the trick!

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registration card guest book alternative
Photo: Ice & Earth

Interesting Alternatives

You can have so much fun with these registration cards as a wedding guest book alternative. Arrange on a classic cork bulletin board with plain metal tacks to acheive Anderson's retro minimalism.

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Nostalgic Charm

Make sure to include tiny moments of nostalgic sweetness thoughout your details. Things like sprigs of dried flowers and envelopes wrapped in colored twine are used throughout Anderson's movies to soften the starker edges.