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Eye Catching

For details that you want your guests to pay attention to, such as seating charts, table numbers, and the guest book, go with red. It's a dynamic color that will catch everyone's eye and be easy to spot in a crowded room.

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gray and red wedding invitation suite
Photo: Beacon Lane

Supporting Role

Red plays great as an accent to a stately neutral, such as a rich winter white or charcoal gray. Red wedding ideas don't have to be crazy bright, they can also involve carefully-curated details that support a neutral in clever ways (such as with the envelope in this cool invitation suite).

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The Star

If you want a truly colorful wedding, you've chosen the right color. If a little bit of red is impactful, just think of all the fun a lot of red can have. This modern bride and groom elected to have red details everywhere, even with their swell getaway car.

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Red Lippie

If you are going to have a red wedding, shouldn't your lips match? Break out your favorite scarlet lippie and channel your inner bombshell for your big entrance.

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Classic Cocktails

You can mix up plenty of classic cocktails in red hues thanks to a wide range of matching syrups and juices. This red grapefruit and rosemary martini would be excellent during any season.

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Natural Details

You can even use red wedding ideas at a boho wedding! This is really easy, especially if you add natural elements like flowers and fruit. This fairytale-themed tablescape used bright and shiny apples as place cards peeking out from a mossy table runner.

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Subtle Shades

A lot of brides love the color red, but also want the palette to blend in well with their venue or decor ideas. As we've said, red is one of the most powerful colors, and as such, can quickly overpower your details. Find muted shades and incorporate them in unexpected patterns, such as with the rug used at this outdoor ceremony.

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wine colored lace bridesmaid dress
Photo: Betsy & Adam

Wearable Shades

Everyone has a shade of red that looks gorgeous on them. Unfortunately, shades of red are really hard to mismatch. Instead, find a hue that works well on everyone (even if it's not each individual's absolute best). Look for reds with neutral undertones (those that aren't bordering on berry or red-orange). Muted wines and cranberry shades are usually the best bet.

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red anemone boutonniere and wedding cake decor
Photo: Kendall Hanna

Tiny Pops

Anemones are one of our favorite red flowers because of their striking and unique look. You don't need many to make a statement. Use them sparingly, but in important decor details, such as the groom's boutonniere or cake decor.

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Favorite Combination

We're a little partial to the cheerfulness of a pink and red wedding color palette. Particularly when the shades of each color complement each other, rather than compete, the result is lovely. This wedding invite shows just how pretty this pairing can be.