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shabby chic tablescape with mismatched chairs and gold accents
Photo: Julia Cantley

Shabby Chic Decor

Shabby chic has its roots in French Provencal, a decor that blends together weathered antique furniture with glamorous details. This gorgeous tablescape uses lace linens, mismatched chairs, and gold-rimmed place settings to create an elegant statement.

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Lavender Details

What fits in with French wedding style better than French lavender? Use it in your bridal bouquet, herbal centerpieces, aisle decor, or as garnish in your champagne cocktails.

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Toile Designs

You've seen toile patterns before, even if you didn't know what they were called. Frequently used on linen or upholstery fabrics, they are illustrated with 18th century rural or country scenes. Very popular in classic French decor, add small touches of this detail to your envelope liners.

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Muted Palettes

Leave the bright colors for another wedding, as French wedding style favors elegant, luxurious palettes filled with muted pastels and creamy neutrals.

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lavish vineyard wedding in France with rolling hills in background
Photo: Alban Pichon

Vineyard Inspiration

If you truly want your wedding to embody French wedding style, look no further than a vineyard venue. With rolling fields in the background and beautiful chateaus, French vineyard weddings are blessedly peaceful.

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Pretty Macarons

We have the French to blame for the macaron craze that has swept wedding sweet tables in recent years. Although there are certainly more modern alternatives (like cake batter flavors or macarons covered in crushed up candies), authentic French macarons stick to classic flavors and pretty hues.

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En Francais

Say it in French with your wedding signage and chair signs for the sweetheart table. Use calligraphy to make the signs even lovelier.

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linen bag wedding invitation in French market theme
Photo: Lucky Luxe

French Market

An upscale version of our farmers' market, French market details usually involve loaves of crusty bread, linen bags, and farm-fresh fare.

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Eiffel Tower

Perhaps no other landmark in the world symbolizes romance quite so much as the Eiffel Tower. Use mini-versions as place cards holders or just as a pretty place to hang your rings as you get ready.

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Modern Croquembouche

Out of all the ways to add French wedding style to your own wedding, the tastiest way is definitely croquembouche. Made of profiteroles (similar to cream puffs) and wrapped in sticky strings of caramel sauce, this is a very unique dessert.