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Woodland Wedding Decorations by FairyfolkWeddings
Photo: Etsy

Monarch Charm

Let wildlife be the inspiration for your woodland wedding. Hint at the theme by hanging these buttefly decorations from tree branches leading up to the site of your wedding ceremony. To continue this motif, you could release monarch butterflies instead of doves.

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Woodland Wedding Dress by jadadreaming
Photo: Etsy

Offbeat Boho Style

Talk about a whimsical design! The embroidered bodice on this wedding gown is a whole new take on boho wedding style. If you're looking to wear something more offbeat, this might just be the dress for you.

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Woodland Wedding Hair by Bloglovin'
Photo: Bloglovin'

Not Your Average Flower Crown

Sans veil or not, accessorize with a textured nonfloral crown. There are plenty of woodsy elements you can use to set yours apart from the traditional flower crown. From branches to feathers and berries, the possibilities are endless.

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Straight Out of a Fairytale

Plenty of woodland wedding ideas can be drawn from classic literature. Using Shakespearean details inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream or ideas straight out of your favorite fairytale, bring some story inspiration to the table. Add in some moss and wildflowers for a vintage-meets-woodland centerpiece.

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Seasonal Inspiration

Rely on the season for some natural inspiration. For a spring wedding centerpiece, try a row of birds' nests filled with faux robins' eggs. This shade of blue makes a beautiful addition to a color palette for the season, too.

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Illuminate Your Centerpieces

For a more modern look, add a neat terrarium centerpiece filled with greenery. The little lights in this example add a dreamy glow to this rustic tablescape.

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Woodland Wedding Swing with flowers
Photo: Lena Kozhina

Garden Swing

Hanging flower decorations are simply gorgeous but if you want to take it a step further, a floral-covered swing is the way to go. This idea is so creative for an outdoor reception and makes a stylish addition to your wedding photos.

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Woodland Wedding Cake with bunting flag cake topper
Photo: Ryan Flynn

Colorful Details

Not all woodland weddings incorporate deep jewel tones and rustic boho details. If you want to use brighter colors and nontraditional elements in this theme, that's definitely okay too. These rich red flowers mixed with fern and colorful bunting flags bring modern whimsy to this woodland wedding cake, but the cute animals are the real winners here.

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Woodland wedding moss terrarium favors
Photo: Ozzy Garcia

A Moss Masterpiece

Moss is an ideal decoration for a forest wedding especially during the spring and summer. Add it into the little details like these personalized terrarium wedding favors so guests can bring a little bit of a woodland kingdom back home.

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Dreamy Earth Tones

While we enjoy the simplicity of rustic details, this elaborate dessert is an exception. From the floral design to the rustic cake stand, everything about this quirky wedding cake is so fitting for a woodland wedding.

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A Dreamy Glow

An illuminated ceremony altar adds a romantic glow to an outdoor ceremony during any season. Created with only tree stumps and candles, this setting looks simply gorgeous for a woodland wedding.Looking for more woodsy wedding ideas? Find more inspiration in these mountain wedding details and woodland table picks.