studio castillero

Sparkly Glam

One of the most popular details of last year was the sequined table runner. And we believe it will continue to dominate wedding receptions in 2016. This place setting rests atop glittering gold enhanced by mercury glass votives and pretty pink flowers.

Paletas de Pina Summer Wedding - Summer-Wedding/ - Brilliant Imagery

Fiesta Fun

It doesn't get more bright and festive than a fiesta-themed wedding!  Layer your colorful place settings with fringed burlap placemats (arranged vertically), a rattan charger, and juicy-hued linens. Decorate your plates with fruits and flowers.

Cluney Photo copy

Farm-to-Table Sophistication

Farm weddings are loved for their seasonal ingredients and relaxed vibe. Elevate everything just a bit by using pretty china, mismatched flatware, and place cards filled with delicious produce. The effect is the perfect party for summer: warm, light, and airy.

Erin Heart Court copy

Modern Elegance

The go-to modern wedding palette used to be black and white, and now we see it shifting to black and gold.  Modern wedding place settings are also starting to incorporate more texture, as with these geometric plates. Juxtaposed against shiny gold flatware and napkin rings, it makes a very dynamic statement.

Ruffled - photo by Gina Paulson Photography

Untamed Beauty

Between the lovely colors, lush centerpieces, and metallic details, this is one very luxurious place setting. Use jewel-toned flowers and berries and brass candlesticks to create an opulent backdrop for your place settings with transparent calligraphy insets and richly-dyed linens.

Jacque Lynn Photography copy

Winter Rustic

There's a lot of stark beauty in winter, and we adore how this place setting celebrates it!  Using a woodcut as a sturdy charger, a woodsy table runner of pine boughs, and cinnamon sticks tucked into napkin rings, this table is a warm welcome from the cold!

john schnack copy

Garden Luxury

While vintage garden weddings used to mean muted palettes and frilly details, they've evolved into something a bit grander. Using richer colors, these place settings layer patterns (as with the varying rose-decorated china and floral napkin below). Skip the tablecloth if you want a more modern and relaxed mood, and lace linens if you want it to feel more genteel.

Katherine Rose & Luke Griffin copy

Southwest Charm

Maybe it's because we can't get enough of cacti and succulents, but we have a soft spot for Southwest weddings. Southwest embraces rustic in 2016 by using sturdy wood tables, floral-etched goblets, and potted plants in mercury glass votives at each setting.

Delbarr Moradi copy

Bright Boho

We love it when boho goes technicolor! This place setting is absolutely fabulous with its dyed fabric "chargers" and neon outlined napkins.  Add in bright, mismatched glassware and tall candlesticks for a playful, yet elegant aesthetic.

Lemon Thistle copy

DIY Simplicity

Want to make your DIY projects the focus of your wedding's decor?  Make eye-catching, big-scale projects that will make a great impression. These personalized doilies act as sweet chargers on a minimalist background of light linen. Add pops of color with your straws, coasters, and centerpieces.

LZF Lamps copy

Industrial Chic

Gone are the days when industrial meant cold and austere.  The new industrial is more thoughtful and welcoming. We love the corrugated cardboard place card, warm menu tied with twine, and wooden-handled flatware that all come together to create a fantastic table.

Tec petaja copy

Traditional Tranquility

Sometimes you want to be a unique trendsetter, and sometimes you just want something classic.  For a traditional place setting, select beautiful flatware, high-quality linens, and crystal-clear glasses. The example above ties everything together with a silky ribbon and calligraphy place card.

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