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A Taste of Wanderlust

Love to travel? If a faraway destination isn't on the itinerary for your wedding, make it a part of your theme instead. Map it out in your décor or in this case, the dessert.

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Bride wearing bridal mehndi on her hands
Photo: Julie Harmsen

Bridal Mehndi

Mehndi is an ancient custom that involves painting decorative henna on the bride-to-be. Although different variations and designs exist around the world, it's traditionally followed by a ceremony in Indian weddings.

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Rooted in Culture

South Africa is full of diverse cultures and colorful flowers. Inspired by these elements, this bright wedding cake incorporates traditional African beadwork topped with a native bloom.

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Iconic Structures

If you've ever been to Paris, it's understandable why it's known as the "City of Love." As if there isn't enough romance already, it doesn't hurt to add one more to your wedding using one one the most iconic figures the city offers. You can easily customize this DIY Eiffel Tower centerpiece to your wedding colors.

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Fiesta Frenzy

Inspired by authentic Mexican details, this creative backdrop came about at one of our favorite California weddings. If you love this idea as much as we do, just wait till you see the rest of this celebration.

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Love Notes

Using washi paper and take-out boxes, these retro inspired wedding favors have a Japanese twist. If you look closely, each one is sealed with a sticker featuring the Japanese kanji character for "love" and a thank-you note.

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Coastal Dreaming

From ombre to marble, we've seen plenty of pretty watercolor wedding invitations with abstract patterns. But this bold illustration of the Amalfi Coast creates the perfect preview for an Italian wedding.

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Kransekake Delight

We'll happily take a slice (and a glass) of this dessert. A tradition in many northern European countries, the kransekake is often filled with sweets or a bottle of wine. This one comes from a gorgeous Iceland destination wedding

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The Ultimate DIY

When décor combines with tradition, it adds so much more unique meaning and sentiment to a wedding. Inspired by an ancient Japanese legend, this backdrop features one thousand origami cranes for good luck.

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Patriotic Flair

Getting married on your country's founding day? Add it into your wedding theme! We love this welcome table honoring our northern neighbors.

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Tying the Knot

In Celtic tradition, interlaced knots take on different meanings and designs inspired by life. Often associated with Irish, Welsh and Scottish identities, a Celtic knot motif fits right into an Irish inspired wedding.

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That's Amore

If you want to avoid going overboard with the international flair, bring on the language of love. Keep it simple with a sign and a few wedding details like this Italian table.

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Papel Picado

For bunting flags or wedding details with a lace-like appearance, consider using papel picado. This Mexican folk art is often used during special occasions like weddings and holidays like Day of the Dead.

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