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Pretty Paper

A little sparkle can go a long way. Incorporating a few sparkly wedding details into your invites makes a glamorous first impression.

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Gold sequined wedding dress
Photo: Maria Doka; via mywedding

All Gold Everything

Add a little glitz to your wedding dress with sequined embroidery, or take a cue from this bride and glitter your entire gown.

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Sequined wedding shoes
Photo: Yes Style

Hot Heels

If you want to add sparkle to your wedding look in other ways, choose shimmery accessories instead. These DIY sequined heels would put Dorothy's ruby red slippers to shame - you could also rock them with a LBD on NYE.

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Metallic 'Maids

Mix and match a metallic color palette like gunmetal, rose gold, silver or all of the above for a stylish bridal party. These bridesmaids went for a slightly monochromatic look with gold mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

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Aisle Style

If your venue doesn't allow glitter or confetti, sequined wedding details pack all the impact without the mess. This sequined aisle runner adds an element of luxe to any ceremony.

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Get Ready to Dance

It's not a party without champagne and dancing! Add some fun to the wedding reception with a sparkling sign like this one.

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Flashy Fringe

Hang this DIY mylar heart backdrop on the wall for a fun photo booth accessory. This makes a great decoration for a NYE event or Valentine's Day party, too.

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Pop, Fizz, Clink!

Add a little extra sparkle to the bubbly with your champagne flutes. You could use also these for a bridal shower or engagement party.

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Sparkling Sweethearts

A little glitter never hurt anyone, right? Seat the guests of honor in style with decked out chair signs like this one.

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Bring in the Tinsel

The champagne tower isn't the only thing that should sparkle on the table. Add a metallic twist to your d├ęcor with disco balls, tinsel, glitter bombs and everything glitzy.

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A Slice of Heaven

The star of the dessert table deserves to shine. Take a bite out of a metallic wedding cake like this golden confectionery dream.

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Glazed in Glitter

The dazzling desserts would fit right into any brunch wedding, bridal shower or donut wall. Even the glitter is totally edible.

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French Favorites

Don't worry, we've got more sugar to fuel your sweet tooth (although these metallic macarons may be too pretty to eat).

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Sparkling Bites

Your champagne could definitely use a friend or two - AKA these sparkling strawberries. Talk to your caterer about infusing some chocolate covered strawberries with edible glitter for a grand wedding treat.

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A Final Farewell

Trade out the traditional rice toss with glitter or confetti. Provide packets or confetti poppers for your wedding guests to pick up on their way out.