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Fruit Monogram

Why not create a fruit stand in the shape of the first letter of your new last name? This monogrammed fruit salad is equal parts delicious and innovative when it comes to décor.

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Bright & Fresh Floral

Keep things bright and fresh with your floral décor. Citrus-inspired colors and pastel floral go perfect against lush greenery.

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Organic Décor

A rustic farm table wouldn't be complete without a myriad of vibrant fruits and vegetables as table décor. Add a lush and colorful floral centerpiece and you have yourself a farm-to-table dream.

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Farm Fresh Bites

It's all about the food when it comes to farm-to-table weddings. The fresher the ingredients, the better the dishes!

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Whole Fruit Centerpieces

Who needs fancy décor when you can just use gorgeous fruit instead? The deep red color of apples add some ultra-romantic vibes to a rustic wedding.

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Cheese Cake

Forget a sweet cake and bring in CHEESE cake. This is a step above any traditional charcuterie board and what's not to love about this simplistic, yet stunning layout.

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Glam Farm Table

Just because you're going for a rustic look, doesn't mean you have to skimp out on the glam factor. Colored tabletop rentals and stylish runners will instantly step up your farm table.

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Fruit and Veggie Station

Forgo the traditional tray pass at cocktail hour. A simple fruit, cheese and veggie station is so simple and and adds a natural pop of color to your décor.

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Nature-Inspired Favors

Keep the theme going even after the wedding by gifting a succulent to your guests. Not only does it match your theme but it's a favor your guests will love.

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Elegant Dishes

Make your guests mouth water with elegant, farm-fresh dishes. Spending a bit more money on a caterer who uses organic ingredients will go a long way.

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Fun Cocktails

Spruce up the traditional champagne toast with some fresh fruit! Pomegranate seeds add a beautiful pop of color and a fun twist.

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Rustic Menu

Keep the rustic theme going with a simple but rustic menu. Beautiful calligraphy adds a tough of elegance, too.

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Fruit-Inspired Stationery

Fruit doesn't only have to be reserved for the reception. Showcase the gorgeous farm-to-table theme before the wedding even starts with your stationery suite!

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Charcuterie Heaven

Farm-fresh charcuterie boards will win some major points with your guests. Whether you have several placed out on tables or just out during cocktail hour, consider adding this tasty detail.

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Cocktail & Food Tastings

For more intimate weddings, a wine and food tasting is the perfect way to celebrate your nuptials. These gorgeous bites are as fresh as they get!

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Fresh Sides

Compliment your main dishes with fresh vegetables. This is a tasty yet budget-friendly way to impress your guests' tastebuds.