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Above, this intimate wedding was in a small space, but that didn't stop the couple from decorating it with clusters of candles surrounded by greenery (proving that you don't need to spend a bundle to have a dreamy venue).

Anna Hardy copy

Not to worry if you are contending with a larger space. Whether you are filling a historic (above) or industrial (below) room, candles not only add a little light, but also a whole lot of charm.

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Want an extra special touch for your fairy-tale wedding?  This woodsy chandelier features votives dangling overhead (but maybe use flameless candles in order to prevent wax from dripping on unsuspecting guests).

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A lot of venues have nooks and crannies that aren't as well-lit. Use all of your space by adding candles to provide some moody elegance. This welcome table housing place cards tucked into moss was illuminated with candles (love the large hobnail glass for extra texture).

place cards in bed of moss, illuminated by votive candles
Andie Freeman copy

When looking for candleholders, try to incorporate your theme. Above, this vintage tablescape with mossy runner used large antique hurricane lamps, tiny tealight holders, and bud vases to create a garden vibe.

For something on the other end of the spectrum, this utterly glam event used extra tall tapers mixed with colored glass votives for a sophisticated effect.

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Amy Nicole copy

Speaking of tapers, nothing stands out from the crowd like a collection of brass candlesticks, either on their own (above) or peeking out of elaborate centerpieces (below).

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If your wedding's color palette is really dear to you, extend it through all of your details. Colored glass votives will add an extra splash of your favorite shade to the table, and after it gets dark, will cast the hue throughout the table.

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Those wanting to add candles to an all-white tablescape need look no further than simple glass jars to make a subtle statement. Use them in varying sizes and shapes to add dimension to your decor (above, right), or place them around metallics to help boost their light (above, left).

Ruffled - photo by http://emilywrenweddings.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/front-palmer-philadelphia-wedding/

To create a really clean, modern aesthetic, use simple glass holders around small centerpieces or swaths of eucalyptus leaves. The result is minimalist magic!

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If your outdoor wedding might get a little windy, make sure your candles are placed in jars much higher than the wick, or use something like these adorably rustic lanterns (below).

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Not that the sweethearts' table needs any more glow, but a little mood lighting here can go a long way. Candles on a sequined tablecloth will make the whole table sparkle!  Or you can arrange the lights in a welcoming circle around your space.

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Especially at large venues, or those that are spread out (such as a ranch or vineyard), it can be a good idea to create seating areas where people can gather together in small groups. Give the space warmth by adding a gleaming arrangement of candles.

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A pathway of luminaries can help guide guests to and from your wedding reception. Plus, it will add plenty of drama to your exit photos!

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Here are a few cool centerpieces to go with all that candlelight!

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