We're big believers in marching to the beat of your own drum.  When it comes to wedding trends, there's a lot to love.  But once you start seeing the same trends popping up in wedding after wedding, you are eager to embrace new ideas and unique moments.  The following 5 trends were once great, but now we're really excited to see them fade away.

Burlap Everything

2015 real weddings were dominated by burlap runners, burlap bunting, burlap-wrapped vases, and anything else one could cover in this rough, neutral fabric. Whether plain or embellished with lace, it was hard to find a wedding without it. So, understandably, we're looking forward to a pause from this rustic detail.

Mason Jars

We said this last year, and we really, really mean it this year.  From mass-marketed redneck wine goblets to entire blogs dedicated to DIY projects using them, these prolific glass jars need a desperate break from their starring role in weddings.  2016 promises to have so many new barware trends that we are looking forward to!

Cash Bars

While we understand the practicality of a cash bar, they just produce too much etiquette and gratuity awkwardness.  Treat your guests at your wedding to what you can afford, whether that is cocktails, beer and wine, or tea and coffee.

Naked Wedding Cakes

Don't get us wrong, some naked cakes are absolutely stunning. And maybe this is just because we are frosting people, but often this trend looks like the baker forgot to whip up enough buttercream.  We fully support the return of frosted cakes.  Are you with us?

Weddings Revolving Around Photo-Ops

We see a lot of weddings, and spend a large potion of our day perusing Pinterest. So, we know a canned and rehearsed photo op when we see one.  Allow your photographer to guide the majority of your photos rather than recreating photos you've seen in real weddings.  As a result, you will be able to actually enjoy the wedding you've invested so much time and money in, rather than spending it arranging your wedding party into the perfect pose.


But enough of what we don't like. Here's what we are falling in love with for 2016 weddings.