bright flowers with black and white runner

Black and white is such a sophisticated and versatile color palette. And although you could certainly just stick to black and white, you should also consider adding in other colors. We'll show you how to do black and white in three different ways: brights, pastels, and metallics.


One of the most popular looks of this year's weddings, bright details absolutely light up a black and white wedding. Best for modern affairs, pairing bold black and white patterns with flowers in shades of fuchsia, orange, and red (above) creates a dynamic and lively aesthetic.

pink and black and white wedding cake

For this look, make sure to balance white and black throughout the wedding.  Use brights as pops of color rather than the focus. Above, this striped cake is perfectly accented with bright pink flowers.  When you want to create areas that are a little moodier, such as cocktail tables and quiet corners, remove the white and use just black and brights (below, left). Likewise to create a more vibrant, lighthearted atmosphere use white more than black in your decor (below, right).

pink flowers on black tables
vivid black and white tablescape

And why not have a little fun with your color palette with your wedding dress?  This genius bride (below) lined her wedding dress with bright fabric to show off on the dance floor at the reception!

bright wedding dress accent


If you want to take it down just a notch, pair your black and white palette with lighter shades of pink and coral for a totally different feel.  This combination can easily go vintage or modern, and is softer and more feminine than its brighter counterparts.  Below, this pink and black NYC skyline invite is chic and simple.

pink and black wedding invitation
pink and black tablescape

Because of their fluffy texture and light pink color, peonies are a favorite for this palette. Decorate your all black table linens and white runners with  loads of flowers and lacy details for a romantic event.  Carry this theme though to every detail, from your traditional wedding cake (below, left) to a beyond amazing blush dress with oversized black tulle sash (below, right).

pale pink wedding cake
pale pink wedding dress

Gentleman don't need to wear light pink ties (the horror, right?) if they don't want to. Pair a black and white tie in a coordinating pattern with a fetching floral boutonniere (below).

pink boutonniere


No trend has taken over 2014 quite as much as the inclusion of metallics in wedding decor. And gold and silver look absolutely smashing with black and white.  Take your black and white wedding to the next level with details like these golden confetti invitations (below).

black and gold wedding invitation
black and gold table

If you want your wedding to glow and sparkle, but not be too over-the-top glittering, use toned down metallic details. Above, this gold chandelier and coppery table runner enhance the black linens, but also keep it traditional. You can also add minimal metallic elements to make your details have that sparkly effect. Below, this sugar dusted cake just has a gold topper and a silver rosette, but the whole dessert makes a magical statement.

sparkly wedding cake

Add golden touches to the smallest of details, such as your cocktail napkin's monogram or the tips of black and white cupcake flags (below). Both of these are ideal for a more modern wedding.

black and gold cocktail napkin
black and gold cupcake flags

How can you use your color palette in your wedding dresses if you are going metallic? Sequins, of course!  Whether you want to rock a super sparkly dress, or leave the fun to your favorite gal pals, a lineup of metallic dresses with white and black bouquets is a pretty unforgettable fashion moment.

metallic bridesmaid dresses

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