navy and pink bridal party

Navy and Pink

It's preppy, classic, and fun.  It reads both feminine and masculine, which is sort of a Christmas miracle level achievement in the color selection process, right?  Navy and pink has also become a wedding standard, so there are so many options out there for coordinating details.  You can keep it stately and sophisticated, or inject a playful, whimsical spirit depending upon what types of details you choose.  Choose a shade of pink that fits your desired mood--the brighter pinks are modern and fun, pale pinks go really well with vintage themes. If you need a third color in your palette, crisp white or vibrant aqua pair well.

navy and pink striped tie
navy and pink paper straws
pink and navy reception menu

Navy and Yellow

I dare you to find a more cheerful palette that navy and yellow. It just can't be done. This traditional palette is perfect for outdoor and summer weddings.  In fact, it's pretty much the gold standard for nautical themes.  Yellow flowers like tulips, daisies, sunflowers, and roses absolutely pop against chic navy details.  Because navy is such a neutral in this palette, play around with different patterns and stripes when it comes to smaller accents, like ribbons around bouquets or place cards.  White is classic with this combo, but for a fresh look try pairing with a light or charcoal gray.

yellow and navy ceremony details
navy and yellow wedding cake
yellow and navy wedding bouquet details

Navy and Gold

The popularity of metallics has extended itself to good ol' navy. Navy and gold is modern and chic.  To avoid too much razzle-dazzle in this palette, make sure to keep at least one item matte in every detail.  For example, if this sequined navy tablecloth (which btw, is the best thing I have ever seen ever) was paired with shiny gold chairs it would just be too much.  It's a very luxe palette, so remember that glam is best done with strong editing.  If you want to add a third color, pale pink or peach would be lovely. Or, if you just love metallics, add tiny doses of rose gold.

navy and gold wedding details
gold and navy painted bottles
gold and navy wedding cake

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