rock n roll themed wedding invite

What is your theme?

First of all, you can pretty much make any color palette work for any theme, one way or another.  But it could be far more of a challenge that you realized to incorporate your black, red, and silver palette fit into your rustic wedding vibe.  Certain themes pair easier with some colors than others. Rustic weddings favor muted earth tones, vintage does beautifully with pale pastels, modern loves an infusion of bold colors.  Consider your theme when trying to decide on your palette.  If you really wanted a certain color in your wedding but it doesn't go with your theme, try picking a different shade of that color or using it as a secondary element in your palette.

pale peony bouquet

What time of year is your wedding?

Especially if you are located in an area that experiences all four seasons, the time of year can have an impact on how your wedding is perceived. Autumn leaves outside?  It might be a bit jarring to walk into a wedding with a juicy citrus, summery color palette.  Does this mean you can't have a lime green and lemon yellow wedding in the middle of November?  Of course it doesn't.  Go with the palette you love. But if you are having a hard time deciding, the calendar just might give you a hand in the selection process.  Traditionally, pastels are perfect for spring time, brights with summer, earth tones for autumn, and jewel tones for winter.

What type of venue have you booked?

Some venues are less of a blank slate than others.  That beautiful Vermont inn might just come with some very boldly-patterned wallpaper.  In these cases, it's better to choose colors that play well with the surroundings than compete with them.  You don't have to be matchy-matchy, just find complementary shades that will add to your venue's ambiance.  And if you love the design choices made by your venue, absolutely embrace the colors and style around you.  It will help your wedding look perfectly staged.

gray wedding party

What colors do you (and your friends) love to wear?

It might be harder to narrow down your wedding colors when looking at centerpieces, rather than clothing. But consider that your bridesmaids will be wearing the colors you select.  Find colors that flatter everyone's complexion and then either alternate colors or shades to make sure everyone is wearing what they know looks best on them.  Don't forget to think about what color you look best in. After all, even though you might be wearing white, your wedding will be drenched in this color--you should love it.

What wedding colors have taken over your Pinterest board?

You wouldn't believe how many subconscious decisions we make when we go a little pin-crazy. I had a friend who said she loathed the color pink.  When I went through her boards, I mentioned how many pink images there were, she experienced a little bit of color denials.  "I just like the ideas. But I would want them in a different color," she said.  But as I clicked through the seemingly 500th blush wedding dress, she had to admit that she clearly had a complicated relationship with pink.  Look at your boards (or better yet, have a friend look through them).  What are the commonalities in color?  Are you always selecting dark, sophisticated palettes?  Or ones with lots of bright and cherry colors?  If you see a trend emerging, you may have just found your wedding colors.


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